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Summer School in TRANSCRIPTOMICS in Development and Cancer – Join us in Sweden 27-30 June 2022

Posted by , on 9 April 2022

Join us in a Swedish enchanting scenario at the end of June (27-30) when it’s always light in Sweden!

If you are a Student (bachelor/Master’s/PhD), a Postdoc, or a young PI, and are using transcriptomics technologies, or you wish to approach them, this is the right event for you!

A line-up of Famous Scientists (see: will teach you:

1) How the #3Dgenome works

2) When to use bulk vs scRNA-seq

3) How to combine WET and DRY tools

4) How to Write and #publish high quality and #impact

We have limited places – make sure you reserve one by sending a short abstract and REGISTER before the deadline at

This event is co-organized by Claudio Cantù at Linköping University, Sweden; Silvia Remeseiro at Umeå University, Sweden; and Andreas Moor at ETH-Zurich, Switzerland.

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