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The people behind the papers – Nathalie Rion and Markus Rüegg

Posted by on April 18th, 2019

This interview, the 60th in our series, was recently published in Development In development and during regeneration in adults, muscle fibres develop from muscle progenitor cells, and the proliferation, differentiation and fusion of these progenitors needs to be tightly controlled and co-ordinated. A new paper in Development studies the role of the mTOR protein in this process using genetic[…]

From basic questions to exciting findings

Posted by on May 21st, 2018

In this post we report the backstories behind our recently published paper. It was an enjoyable research adventure driven by discussions, readings, exciting experiments and unexpected discoveries. As a result, we described a novel molecular mechanism underpinning stem cell and progenitor maintenance during development. Here is the sequence of the main events that inspired us[…]

From our sister journals- October 2015

Posted by on October 21st, 2015

Here is some developmental biology related content from other journals published by The Company of Biologists.             Modelling Alzheimer’s Disease in vitro Hall and colleagues established an in vitro model of Alzheimer’s Disease by culturing and differentiating embryonic stem cells isolated from the APPsw transgenic minipig. They use this system to[…]

When Basic Science Intersects with Disease, and Patients

Posted by on May 29th, 2015

Developmental biologist Gabrielle Kardon, Ph.D., never thought that she would be explaining morphogenesis to patient support groups, but that’s where her science led her. And instead of shying away, she has embraced it. Completely. Kardon’s lab had focused mostly on the limb until her graduate student, Allyson Merrell, urged that they explore the diaphragm, of[…]