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Molecular Control of Embryonic Development

Posted by on May 22nd, 2015

On the twentieth anniversary of the Nobel Prize for research in fly embryonic development By Peng Kate Gao 2015 marks the twentieth year since developmental biologists Edward B. Lewis, Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard and Eric F. Wieschaus won the Nobel Prize for their discoveries on the genetic control of early embryonic development (Figure 1). This anniversary is[…]

(Developmental) Biology around the internet- August 2013

Posted by on August 15th, 2013

If you are a Twitter user you probably know that our Twitter account reports not only on Node posts, but also on other interesting news and content from around the internet. We don’t want the non-twitter users to miss out, so we have collated some of the most interesting (developmental) biology content that we found[…]

Celebrating stem cells

Posted by on November 1st, 2012

Last month was an exciting one for stem cell research. I’m sure you all saw how stem cells hit international headlines with the announcement of a Nobel Prize for John B. Gurdon and Shinya Yamanaka. I thought you might be interested to read reactions from several leading scientists and check out a film clip about[…]

Nobel Prize 2012

Posted by on October 8th, 2012

As you’ve almost certainly heard, this year’s Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine has been awarded to Professor Sir John Gurdon and Professor Shinya Yamanaka. This is thoroughly deserved recognition for groundbreaking work that not only provided revolutionary insights into the nature and plasticity of the genetic material inside each cell, but has also opened[…]

Today’s Nobel Prize is not immune to developmental biology

Posted by on October 3rd, 2011

This year’s Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine has just been announced, and the winners are Bruce Beutler (The Scripps Research Institute), Jules Hoffmann (University of Strasbourg) and Ralph Steinman (Rockefeller University), for their research on the immune system. [Update 14:04: Just heard that Ralph Steinman died of pancreatic cancer this weekend. Committee still deciding[…]

Nobel Prize for Robert Edwards

Posted by on October 4th, 2010

Robert Edwards has just been announced as winner of the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, for his work on in vitro fertilization (IVF) We speculated about the winners a few weeks ago, and he was not among anyone’s guesses, but this is a very exciting and timely choice. Just last Friday I mentioned[…]