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The BSCB Science Writing Competition- time to start writing!

Posted by , on 27 November 2012

Have you got a great science story in you? This autumn, the BSCB is again running its Science Writing Competition! The judges are looking for interesting, enthusiastic articles covering topics of key relevance in biomedical science- this can mean a piece on research but also other topics relevant to cell biology, such as science policy or the impact of research on society. Most importantly, they must be original and entertaining for a non-specialist audience! The prize is £300, as well your article published in the BSCB newsletter and online- so a great chance to communicate your science and views to a wider audience!

To find out more details on this competition, as well as read last year’s winning entry, check the BSCB website:



Some more information:


This competition is open to BSCB students and postdoctoral members only (but membership costs only £15 for students and £35 for postdocs, and includes reduced rates for BSCB meetings, access to travel grants, etc- so why not join the BSCB anyway!).


Articles should cover topics of key relevance in biomedical science. Articles need not be limited to research areas but you might like to try to communicate your own project in a clear, concise and entertaining way to a non-specialist audience. Other topics should be relevant to cell biology in its broadest context; examples could include the impact of stem cell technology, a feature on an important disease condition, or a wider science policy issue such as government funding of basic versus translational science.

Article characteristics

Articles should be limited to 1000 words but can include images where relevant (note that these will be reproduced in black and white only in the newsletter).

Deadline and submission

The deadline for submission is the 1st of February, 2013. Entries should be sent to Paul Andrews ( as electronic files (preferably Word format with any illustrations or images sent separately as TIFF or JPG). (Deadline has now been extended to the 15th of February)

Please visit for up-to-date information and more details.

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