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The Company of Biologists Workshop: Getting Into and Out of Mitosis

Posted by , on 12 May 2015

This week I have the pleasure of attending the “Getting Into and Out of Mitosis” Workshop organised by The Company of Biologists. On Sunday, renowned experts and early-career scientists alike travelled to Wiston House in West Sussex, UK, to listen to the latest research, ask questions and discuss results in the field of cell division.

It is certainly unlike any meeting I have attended in the past. Due to the small size of the Workshop, all participants get to know each other from the very first day. Here, early-career scientists have a unique opportunity to interact closely with leaders in the field. There are many opportunities for such interactions during meals and coffee breaks, whilst admiring the beautiful period house where the meeting is held and during the organised walk through the stunning English countryside.

Another unique and much appreciated feature of the Workshop is the generous 15-minute question period after each talk. Combined with inclusive atmosphere, these have stimulated some great discussions involving not only the senior scientists, but also the students, postdocs and junior group leaders. There are also general discussions built into the programme about the open questions in the field. Even though I’ve left the bench, I can feel a contagious research energy that is sure to spark many collaborations.

A meeting report, with more details of topics covered, will soon be published in Journal of Cell Science. For now, I look forward to another day and a half of exciting talks about mitosis!


By Anna Bobrowska, Editorial Intern, Journal of Cell Science


Mitosis workshop

The next Company of Biologists workshop will be on Transgenerational Epigenetic Inheritance. For more details click here.

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