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The Maggot Meeting-2010

Posted by , on 26 July 2010

It’s been an overcast, windy and gloomy Monsoon here in Bangalore, but the past few weeks at NCBS have been bright and exciting! The “Maggot Meeting – 2010”: Neural Circuits and Behaviour is currently on till the 27th of July and I look forward to the seminars and interactive discussions with eminent scientists. Early last week the Center hosted the EMBO Global Exchange Lecture Course on ‘Systems neuroscience of the Drosophila larva: genetic and circuit bases of behaviour’. This series of lectures and demonstrations were devoted to the basics of neuroscience, development and behaviour. I was invited to participate as a Teaching Assistant to demonstrate live cell calcium imaging in Drosophila melanogaster primary neuronal culture. I am very pleased to have been given this opportunity to share my training and knowledge on new methods and techniques with other fellow participants. It has truly been a wonderful experience!

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One thought on “The Maggot Meeting-2010”

  1. Helping out at the EMBO course sounds like fun. Were there many participants?

    And I hope the Maggot Meeting is interesting too. Let us know how it went! I put it in the events calendar, but unfortunately it was too far and too close to other conferences for us to go. I’ve heard good things about it, so hope you get to learn a lot.

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