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The Node is looking for a new Community Manager

Posted by , on 23 March 2021

I joined the Node and Development out of a postdoc in 2016 and now after five enjoyable years I’m moving on. I’ll write something a bit more reflective closer to my leaving date in June but here I thought I’d let you know what the job entails, since we’re searching for my replacement.

If you’re interested in science communication and helping the developmental biology community in various ways, this job might be ideal for you. And if you know anyone who is thinking of hanging up their pipettes but still wants to stay in touch with science and scientists, please send the job ad their way.

Here’s a collection of the kind of things you’d get up to:

  • Run the Node
    • Commission content – research stories, interviews, meeting reports etc.
    • Edit / give feedback on drafts for authors
    • Write your own content
    • Run competitions and series of posts
    • Maintain the site (including the now 900+ strong Node Network)
    • Develop the site’s future – we’re now 10 years old and well-established, but there are always opportunities for innovation
  • Social media
    • For the Node: Twitter (where all the fun stuff happens) and Facebook
    • For Development: Twitter, Facebook, more recently Instagram, and on our YouTube channel you’ll have opportunities for video editing
    • With these accounts you reach thousands of people, specialists and non-specialists, to spread the word about developmental biology
  • For Development
    • Write Research Highlights (usually one a week)
    • Conduct ‘The people behind the papers’ interview series (usually one per issue), and longer standalone interviews (could be a Nobel laureate or an up-and-coming star)
    • Write and manage press releases for topical papers
    • Development presents… – help out with our webinar series
    • Attend Editor meetings and strategy sessions – insight into the publishing world
  • Conferences
    • In a normal year, go to perhaps six conferences, some abroad, usually focusing on society events. Meet people, hear new science, promote our work, write meeting reports, interview prize winners
    • Help out at Development’s biennial human development meetings and Company of Biologists Workshops
  • Working for The Company of Biologists
    • Provide cover for and collaborate with the two other community sites, preLights and FocalPlane
    • Promote our work as a not-for-profit publisher
    • Work with 50 other great colleagues near Cambridge (/home office)

I’d be happy to answer any informal inquiries – just email

Check out the full job ad here:

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