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The Node postcard competition

Posted by , on 9 March 2023

One of our favourite giveaways here at the Node is our collection of postcards. With our supplies dwindling (they are a crowd-favourite at meetings!), we are planning to reprint the series and we would love to take this opportunity to add some more #devbio favourites to our collection. If you have an image that you think would be make a great addition to the Node postcard collection, submit it to our competition! As well as selecting images for postcards, one lucky winner will be featured on the cover of a ‘Development’ issue in 2023.  

There are a few model systems missing or underrepresented in our current collection, so we would especially love to see submissions from featuring in vitro models, plants, teleosts and Xenopus as well as some of the emerging model organisms that will take centre-stage at our ‘Unconventional and Emerging Experimental Organisms in Cell and Developmental Biology‘ Journal Meeting in September.

Thanks to all the researchers that have given us permission to use their images in our current series: we hope you love the set as much as we do!

Deadline: Tuesday 11 April

Competition details:

  • Email your image to with ‘Postcard competition’ in the subject line.
  • You can submit up to three images.
  • In the email, include a description of the image and imaging modality used to acquire the image or software used to reconstruct or analyse it.
  • There is no theme and no restriction content-wise; it can be a raw, reconstructed, filtered or analysed image of any type of sample.
  • The postcards are A6 portrait and images may be cropped to fit our design (logo on bottom right).
  • Development cover guidelines on dimensions require a high-resolution file 23cm width by 24cm height, some cropping might occur in adapting the winning image.
  • Submitted images should not have already been published elsewhere unless under a CC-BY license (and please let us know if this is the case).
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