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the Node update – Jobs

Posted by , on 7 September 2010

New format for job postings
You may have noticed some job ads for postdocs appearing on the Node. Until today, these ads appeared with the rest of the posts, but we now changed how job ads are displayed on the Node, to make them stand out from the rest of the content. This makes it easier for people who are looking for jobs to find the ads, and less intrusive for those who aren’t looking for work.

Job ads no longer appear in the main body of the site, with the rest of the posts, but are accessible in three other ways;
-The three most recently posted ads are listed by title in the sidebar (between “recent comments” and “events”) on all pages of the Node. They can also be accessed from the archive in the sidebar
-The Jobs category lists all job ads
-Jobs have their own RSS feed, which can be reached from the page containing all the different feeds on the Node. If you want to receive both regular Node content and job ads, you need to subscribe to both feeds.

Adding an announcement for a job opening in your lab works exactly the same as writing a post. Make sure that you have the title field filled in, and that you select the category “Jobs”. Job postings don’t show up in the main body of the site, but in the sidebar only. There is also a separate RSS feed for job postings.
(The previous paragraph has also been added to the e-mail that new authors receive.)

Finally, the Help page has been updated to reflect these changes.

E-mail updates about the Node
Currently, e-mail updates about new Node posts arrive as a “daily digest”, and will probably still include job ads. It’s also possible to set these updates to occur after every post (which is approximately once per day at the moment anyway) and have users select which categories they would like to receive in e-mail. In that case, if you only want e-mail notifications of interviews, or everything except job ads, you can change those settings.
The choice between digest or per-post cannot be made at the individual user level, unfortunately, so we have to make one decision for everyone. Let us know please, in the comments, what you would like: the option to select which categories to receive in e-mail, OR the daily digest. (In both cases, you have the option to turn notifications off entirely through the WordPress dashboard.)

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2 thoughts on “the Node update – Jobs”

  1. In other news, we now also have thumbs up/down rating for comments. I’m still trying to see if it works as advertised, so please vote this either up or down. (I’d like to see if it disappears properly on a number of “down” votes, so oddly I prefer the latter!)

    1. (It works!! Thanks volunteers. It was remarkably easy to find people willing to vote me down. Hmmm…. =) )


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