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the Node update – writers, thumbs, polls, and emails

Posted by , on 8 November 2010

Writing for the Node
Have any of the entries on the Node inspired you to add something yourself? Go ahead! We’d like to remind you that you don’t need to ask permission to write for the Node. You also don’t need to wait for us to ask you to write something – although we might. All you need is an account, and you can write once, twice, or however many times you like.

If you would like to write for the Node, but don’t know what to write about, just let us know and we’ll give you some ideas.

Node posts are read by developmental biologists across the world, and are regularly featured on the front page of the Development website.

Thumbs up/down
We have now implemented thumbs up and thumbs down icons on comments as well as posts. This is an especially good way to let us know whether you liked a post or comment, so please make use of this feature. It takes less than a second to click one of these images, and it gives us a lot of information about what type of content you like to read.

We have added a new feature to include polls in posts. In the future we will use this for specific interactive features, but now I’m going to use it to re-ask this question about the format of email notifications. (See below).

Email notifications
Did you know that you can receive Node posts directly to your inbox? Currently, email updates about new Node posts arrive as a “daily digest”. It’s also possible to set these updates to occur after every post and have users select which categories they would like to receive in email. In that case, if you only want email notifications of interviews, or everything except job ads, you can change those settings. (The choice between digest or per-post cannot be made at the individual user level, unfortunately, so we have to make one decision for everyone.)

Are you currently using the e-mail notification service, or would you use it if it was in a different format? Please let us know via this poll:

(poll closed and archived)

Thumbs up (3 votes)

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