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2 thoughts on “The world’s hottest researchers”

  1. What I hate most is the sentiment of people who say that they don’t believe in citations, but next sentence say that so-and-so hasn’t published enough in “high impact journals”.
    I think that the number of citations to a particular paper do give a reasonable measure of its impact and therefore importance, at least in terms of what academic researchers usually value.
    But the “impact factor” of a journal is a mean, not a median, thus hugely distorted by the skewed distribution. And, it only counts two years, not the 10 or more years I like to see as evidence of real influence.
    So to me, the hot people are those who produced papers with high, long term, impact, and I think this can be measured at least to some extent by citations. The proportion of papers highly cited because they are wrong, or for some other inappropriate reason, is very small.

  2. We should just ask Paris Hilton to pick and pronounce: “That’s hot”.

    But I agree with Jonathan that the metrics are not particularly useful, so this is to be taken with a grain of salt, and really doesn’t change anything for anyone I wouldn’t think.

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