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This month on the Node – November 2012

Posted by , on 30 November 2012

Site upgrade
We now have a “featured topics” bar across the top of the page, which has the same function as these highlight posts: to let you know what happened on the Node recently.

This upgrade also came with author profile page. Do remember to fill out your profile bio, because people can now see this when they click your name on a post you wrote on the Node. Here’s how to do that.

Publishing discussion
A post from last month has started to generate an interesting discussion in the comments section about the future of scientific publishing. Have a look at the comments from scientists and publishers that were left on Jordan Raff’s BiO editorial, and add your own thoughts.

Multimedia conferences
audienceRachael went to a meeting at the Royal Society about long-range control of gene expression, and Eva attended SpotOn London (about science policy, outreach, and tools). You can read their reviews of the meetings on the Node, but you can also relive both meetings more directly: the Royal Society is making audio of the talks available online, and SpotOn has video of each conference session.

Also on the Node
BCSB science writing competition
Sox1 marks neural stem cells in the hippocampus
new job ads!

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