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Travelling Fellowships

Posted by , on 29 November 2010

Over the past months, we’ve seen a few posts on the Node from people who spent a few months working in labs abroad. All of them were funded by a Development travelling fellowship. The next deadline for these fellowships is coming up on December 31st, and Development would like to encourage you to apply.

To qualify, you must be a graduate student or postdoc planning to work for a few months in a distant lab in 2011. Have a look at the fellowship site for the full requirements, and read these stories from previous recipients on the Node.

Tetyana (from the Ukraine) went to India:
Research Snippets from the Land of the Tiger
The Maggot Meeting 2010

Cristian (from Chile) went to Germany:
Developing Science in a Far Country: The Paradoxes of Life

Shreeharsha (from India) went to Japan:
Research in the Land of the Rising Sun

Dávid (from Hungary) went to Japan:

Terry (from the US) is currently in Israel:
International Experience

Will your story be next? It might, if you apply for one of the travelling fellowships before December 31st. Good luck!

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