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Vote for a Development cover from the Quintay International Course on Developmental Biology

Posted by , on 23 May 2018

***We have a winner: go to***



In January, students from across the Americas gathered in Chile to participate in the International Course on Developmental Biology, an EMBO Practical Course held at the Marine Biology Station of Quintay (CIMARQ). In the course of two weeks of intensive training  (you can read a wonderful summary of the meeting from the students in this previous Node post), the students generated some beautiful images of development in different species.  We’re excited to launch a competition to pick an image taken by the students to become the cover of an issue of Development, and thus immortalised in print and on screen!

Check out the images below (clicking on them gets you a full size version), and then vote using the poll at the bottom of the post. Happy voting!


1. Pax3 in Drosophila embryos of different stages

Maria Belen Palacios


2. Chick embryos, stages 25, 22 and 16 HH

Estefanía Sánchez Vásquez


3: Planarian (gut in green, nervous system in pink)

Luiza Saad and Estefanía Sánchez Vásquez


4: Zebrafish embryos injected with GFP

Maria Belen Palacios


5: Drosophila embryo labelled with Dapi, 312 and Elav

Eugene Tine


6: Sea anemone with an Amphineura (chiton) in the center

Maria Belen Palacios


7: Drosophila embryo (blue: DAPI, green: motor neuron axons, pink: motor neuron nuclei)

Soraya Villaseca


1 vote per person

Polling closes Wednesday 6th June, 13.00 GMT


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