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Changes in Wellcome Trust funding

Posted by , on 28 June 2010

Biomedical researchers in the UK are seeing some changes in the way their research is funded. The Wellcome Trust, the UK’s largest charity funding agency for biomedical research, is phasing out the majority of its existing biomedical science grants and replacing them with “Investigator Awards”.

The last applications for project grants, programme grants, equipment grants, biomedical resources grants, technology development grants, university awards, and flexible travel awards are due on July 30 2010. After that date, researchers who would normally apply for any of these grants now need to look into the application process for Investigator Awards (starting October 2010), which is a bit different.

There will be two types of Investigator Awards: one for New Investigators, who have recently been appointed to their first academic post, and one for Senior Investigators. In a long FAQ page, the Wellcome Trust answers a lot of questions people may have about the scheme. If you’re thinking of applying for one of the new grants, that’s a page you should definitely read.

Is anyone in the UK currently preparing to apply for these grants? Or hurrying to get in an application for the old grants that are being phased out? Let us know what you think of the changes, and good luck with all your applications!

(And if there are any recent changes in research funding in your country, feel free to post an update to the Node.)

Photo credit: Dave McClear on Flickr.

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