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Woods Hole images 2014 round 1- vote for a Development cover

Posted by , on 18 January 2016

Every year, students from the Woods Hole Embryology course produce some stunning images. It’s now time for readers of the Node to vote which of images from the 2014 Woods Hole Embryology course will be a Development cover! Below you will find 4 beautiful images from the course. Choose the one you would like to see in the cover of Development by voting on the poll at the end of the post (you can see bigger versions by clicking on the images). The poll is set up to allow only one vote per person, so please stick to this rule to give all the images a fair chance!

Voting will close noon GMT on February the 4th.



1. Pig (Sus scrofa domesticus) embryo.  Stained for bone (Alizarin Red) and cartilage (Alcian Blue). This image was taken by Agne Kozlovskaja-Gumbriene (Stowers Institute, USA) and Anne Marie Ladoucer (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA).



2. The eye of a stage 21 Longfin Inshore Squid (Doryteuthis pealeii) embryo.  Nuclei are in cyan (DAPI), F-actin in red (phalloidin), and Pax3/7 in yellow (MAb DP312).  Imaged with a Zeiss LSM 700 Confocal. This image was taken by Michael Piacentino (Boston University, USA).



3. Stage 19 Short-tailed fruit bat (Carollia perspicillata).  Left side is an image of the fixed embryo before staining.  Imaged using a Zeiss AxioZoom with ApoTome.   Right side shows the embryo after staining for cartilage (Alcian Blue).  Imaged using a Leica M80 Stereomicroscope. This image was taken by Idoia Quintana-Urzainqui (University of Santiago de Compostela, Chile), Paola Bertucci (EMBL Heidelberg, Germany), Peter Warth (Universität Jena, Germany) and Chi-Kuo Hu (Stanford University, USA).



4. Whole mount immunostained 11.5 dpc mouse embryo.  Neuron-specific class III beta-tubulin in green (Tuj1 antibody) and nuclei in blue (DAPI).  Imaged with a Zeiss LSM 700 Confocal. This image was taken by Raymond Yip (The University of Hong Kong).

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4 thoughts on “Woods Hole images 2014 round 1- vote for a Development cover”

    1. Thank you for your comment Elena. We absolutely agree with you that we should not be showing preference for any of the images, which is why we have highlighted all of the images individually over several tweets in the last few weeks ( and we will tweet the last image early next week). We hoped that this would be a good way to encourage voting as it is such a great way to display how beautiful each of the images is!


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