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10th Advances in Stem Cell Biology Course (Institut Pasteur, Paris, France) – Course report

Posted by , on 21 August 2023

Every year, the Pasteur Institute of Paris organizes a course on Advances in Stem Cell Biology (ASCB). Directed by Professors Laure Bally-Cuif and Shahragim Tajbakhsh, this course brings together over twenty experts from around the world.

Over the course of two weeks, practical sessions and conferences follow one another, providing a comprehensive overview of various technologies and advancements in the field of stem cell biology.

Participants and instructors (S.Tajbakhsh, M.van de Wetering, B.Gayraud-Morel, L.Bideau, E.Gazave, G.Nigro, A.Martinez-Arias, M.Cohen-Tannoudji, L.Bally-Cuif, M.Huch) of the ASCB course in front of the historic building of the Institut Pasteur (Paris, France, 2023)

This year, 14 students were selected to participate in the course (master’s, PhD, and postdoctoral students). This exceptional experience allowed them to deepen their knowledge in the field of stem cells. They learned numerous techniques such as the culture of iPSCs, organoids, and gastruloids. They also became acquainted with different animal model systems, such as chicken embryos for studying early development stages or platynereis worms for regeneration studies. Grouped in pairs, participants have time to assimilate concepts and techniques, but more importantly, they share privileged moments with the rest of the group and the numerous speakers.

In addition to the concepts and techniques associated with stem cells, this course also addresses the importance of critical analysis, the limitations of using different models, and the significance of scientific integrity, communication, sharing, and exchanging current ideas.

Thanks to all the participants of this 2023 session!

The next session will take place from June 24th to July 5th, 2024, at the Pasteur Institute of Paris (France).

This two-week course combines lectures and practical sessions on leading edge technologies and questions in Stem Cell Biology.

Practical sessions:

  • Stem cell strategies for organogenesis and regeneration
  • Making iPS cells, organoids and gastruloids
  • Leading-edge approaches in identification and analysis of stem cells
  • Stem cells in distinct model organisms (Mouse, Chick, Zebrafish and Platynereis)
  • Networking and discussion opportunities

Co-directors: Laure Bally-Cuif and Shahragim Tajbakhsh

Practicals: Barbara Gayraud-Morel

Application deadline: April 12th, 2024.

Information and online registration at

For any additional information, please contact

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2 thoughts on “10th Advances in Stem Cell Biology Course (Institut Pasteur, Paris, France) – Course report”

  1. This course left me inspired. It gives you the key to understand the stem cells world thank to amazing lectures and practical sessions that cannot be found in this form elsewhere. I came back to my lab more motivated and with new ideas to set up. I am thankful for having the opportunity to attend this course!

  2. This course is really motivating and inspiring. It is a really amazing course where you can exchange freely with the best scientists in the field. It really helps us to discover new techniques and master stem cells like experts! I’m really greatful for being part of this course.

    Big thanks to the organizing teams as well!

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