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Posted by , on 29 July 2011

The winner of the fourth round of Development cover images, collecting more than half of the total votes, was this squid embryo image, taken by Amber O’Connor from the University ...

Post-doc position: Canada

Posted by , on 28 July 2011

I currently have an opening in my research group for a post-doc to investigate the development of the vertebrate skeleton.  Our lab studies the development of the neural crest derived ...

Live imaging of stem cell maintenance, loss, and renewal in the Drosophila testis

Posted by , on 28 July 2011

Stem cells have often been imaged live in culture, but very few stem cell systems are conducive to live imaging within their native tissues.  An essential property of adult stem ...

From the Embryology 2011 Class: 4th of July Parade

Posted by , on 26 July 2011

Because Woods Hole, MA is home to both an Oceanographic Institute and the Marine Biological Laboratory, most of the people in this small town have some connection to the scientific ...

In Development this week (Vol. 138, Issue 16)

Posted by , on 26 July 2011

Here are the research highlights from the current issue of Development: Pushing the nuclear envelope Not all nuclei are regular spheres as is often shown in textbooks. For example, in ...

Top Developmental Biologists meet in Chile for a laboratory and lecture course: open to Latin American and International applicants

Posted by , on 25 July 2011

Top Developmental Biologists meet in Chile for a laboratory and lecture course

Biology Open – Be one of the first to submit

Posted by , on 22 July 2011

Biology Open is a new journal, launching in September 2011, from The Company of Biologists, publishers of Development, Disease Models & Mechanisms, Journal of Cell Science and The Journal of ...

Visualize it!

Posted by , on 19 July 2011

Here’s a short “behind the scenes” on our paper about visualizing gene expression data, published in Nucleic Acids Research. When I joined James Briscoe‘s lab as a postdoc, my project’s ...

SCI Coordinator - vacancy at University of Cambridge, Wellcome Trust CSCR

Posted by , on 18 July 2011

The Cambridge Stem Cell Initiative encompasses 200 researchers spanning fundamental science through to clinical applications. Our goal is to advance disease modelling, drug discovery and regenerative medicine through understanding the ...

In touch with your feminine side? Not like a butterfly (or a chicken)

Posted by , on 18 July 2011

Last week, the butterfly keepers at the Natural History Museum in London came across an incredibly rare phenomenon: a lateral gynandromorph. This butterfly is both male and female, and the ...

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