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Counting transcripts to track cell state

Posted by , on 16 December 2012

Many years ago, we started to use micro-arrays to look at how gene expression changes during differentiation of lateral mesoderm. In particular we were interested in differentiation leading to the ...

December 15

Posted by , on 15 December 2012

Today’s recommended paper is: Self-Organized Shuttling: Generating Sharp Dorsoventral Polarity in the Early Drosophila Embryo Michal Haskel-Ittah et al. (2012) Cell 150 (5), 1016 – 1028 Submitted by Tohru Yano: ...

Take a tea break with the Node

Posted by , on 14 December 2012

If you got into the habit of reading the Node on your tea breaks, we’ve got just the thing for you! We now have Node tea bags, custom made for ...

December 14

Posted by , on 14 December 2012

Today’s recommended paper is: Whole-genome microRNA screening identifies let-7 and mir-18 as regulators of germ layer formation during early embryogenesis Alexandre R. Colas, Wesley L. McKeithan, Thomas J. Cunningham, et ...

Book review: Life and the matrix

Posted by , on 13 December 2012

This book review originally appeared in Development. Charles Streuli reviews “Extracellular Matrix Biology ” (Edited by Richard O. Hynes and Kenneth M. Yamada). Book info: Extracellular Matrix Biology. Edited by ...

Would you like to work for the Node?

Posted by , on 13 December 2012

As you may have spotted, we’ve just posted a job ad for community manager for the Node. That is currently my job, but I will be leaving at the end ...

Community Manager for the Node

Posted by , on 13 December 2012

The Company of Biologists and its journal Development are seeking to appoint a new Community Manager to run its successful community website the Node and the journal’s social media activities. ...

December 13

Posted by , on 13 December 2012

Today’s recommended paper is: Offspring from Oocytes Derived from in Vitro Primordial Germ Cell-like Cells in Mice Katsuhiko Hayashi et al. (2012) Science 338 (6109), 971-975 Submitted by Eva Amsen: ...

Don't get rid of the middleman

Posted by , on 12 December 2012

There are a lot of situations in life where the “middleman” is unnecessary and costly.  In cells, that middleman is necessary and fascinating at the same time.  The sequence of ...

December 12

Posted by , on 12 December 2012

Today’s recommended paper is: A Mechanoresponsive Cadherin-Keratin Complex Directs Polarized Protrusive Behavior and Collective Cell Migration Gregory F. Weber, Maureen A. Bjerke and Douglas W. DeSimone (December 2011) Developmental Cell ...

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