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Plant “Velcro” holds it all together

Posted by , on 27 June 2016

  Plant hairs or trichomes mean little to most people until they bite into a furry skinned peach or prick their finger on a rose bush thorn, but in the ...

YEN 2016 review

Posted by , on 26 June 2016

My informal review of YEN this year is by necessity a bit rushed but, for what it is, here it is. Most reviews are very short and pithy/jealous and only ...

Two postdoc positions on C. elegans neuroblast migration and evolution, in Korswagen lab, Utrecht, and Félix lab, Paris

Posted by , on 24 June 2016

Two HFSP-funded postdoctoral positions (each for a duration of 3 years) are available from 1 December 2016 to study the development, robustness and evolution of QR neuroblast migration in C. ...

Model Organism Database funding is in trouble: Let your voice be heard

Posted by , on 23 June 2016

  Model Organisms such as yeast, worm, fly, fish, rat, and mouse are key drivers of biological research, providing manipulable and cost-effective experimental systems that continuously yield fundamental insights into ...

Developing Future Biologists 2016: Discovering the new generation of scientists!

Posted by , on 22 June 2016

Developing Future Biologists (DFB) is a student-led organization at University of Michigan dedicated to ensure that the next generation of biologists regardless of race, gender, or socioeconomic status have the ...

A day in the life of a gar lab

Posted by , on 21 June 2016

My name is Martin Minařík and I am a PhD student in Robert Cerny’s lab at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. Our lab focuses mostly on the development of ...

two postdoc positions at UCL, London

Posted by , on 20 June 2016

Epithelial Cell and Developmental Biology – Mechanotransduction at tight junctions Applications are invited for the posts of two postdoctoral research fellows. One will be based in the Laboratory for Epithelial ...

Reproducibility: a pathological perspective

Posted by , on 20 June 2016

” the ability to reproduce experimental findings remains essential for the forward movement of science and the application of laboratory findings to the clinic”   This is an extract from ...

Research Associate - University College London

Posted by , on 17 June 2016

Applications are invited for the post of Research Associate. This post will be based in the Zebrafish Group (with Masazumi Tada) of the Department of Cell & Developmental Biology (CDB). ...

Senior Research Staff and Postdoc Positions of Drosophila Genetics Available at University of Vienna

Posted by , on 15 June 2016

Applications are invited for a senior research staff position and a postdoc position in the Department of Molecular Evolution and Development at University of Vienna. Both are supported by the ...

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