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In vivo profiling of chromatin accessibility with CATaDa

Posted by , on 13 March 2018

The following post is an introduction into the technnique described in our recent paper: Aughey, G.N., et al., CATaDa reveals global remodelling of chromatin accessibility during stem cell differentiation in ...

Post-Doc Positions in Cell Biology/Neurosciences

Posted by , on 13 March 2018

  We are currently seeking applications from post-doctoral candidates (LabEx-funded positions). Project: Christophe Heinrich “Cellular Reprogramming and Brain Repair” was recently awarded a LabEx Attraction Package at SBRI. Our group ...

Manipulating the Mouse Embryo: Yesterday, today, and tomorrow… Symposium in honor of Professor Brigid Hogan

Posted by , on 13 March 2018

Last Friday March 9, a research symposium was held at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina to honor the career and retirement of Professor Brigid Hogan, Chair of the Department ...

The people behind the papers – You Wu & Mineko Kengaku

Posted by , on 12 March 2018

Neuronal migration is critical for mammalian brain development. In many migrating neurons, the nucleus translocates from the trailing to the leading edge of the cell in a manner dependent on ...

The Curious Case of Protocadherin 19 Epilepsy

Posted by , on 12 March 2018

Daniel Pederick & Paul Thomas Comment on our paper: Pederick, et al. 2018. Abnormal Cell Sorting Underlies the Unique X-Linked Inheritance of PCDH19 Epilepsy. Neuron 97 (1).   Here we ...

Principal Investigator positions in Cell & Developmental Biology, University of Dundee

Posted by , on 9 March 2018

Applications are sought from established as well as career development researchers with interests in nervous system and/or human development, including stem cells and organoid approaches. We are also seeking cell ...

Group Leader in Animal Development, Evolution and Physiology (Lyon, France)

Posted by , on 8 March 2018

The Institut de Génomique Fonctionnelle de Lyon (IGFL) has an opening for a new independent group leader. The IGFL has a unique scientific profile and fosters an outstanding international environment. ...

Team work, good science

Posted by , on 8 March 2018

You can find our recently published eLife paper here.   At the Euro-Evo-Devo meeting in Lisbao I saw a talk by Sylvie Rétaux and became hooked by a blind and ...

Funded places for early-career researchers at a human brain development & evolution workshop

Posted by , on 8 March 2018

This summer, the Company of Biologists, the not-for-profit publisher of Development, is running a Workshop on ‘Development and evolution of the human neocortex‘, organised by Victor Borrell, Wieland Huttner and Arnold ...

Stem cell fate choice: determined in an instant

Posted by , on 6 March 2018

Jun Chen National Institute of Biological Sciences, Beijing A discussion of our recent paper: Chen J, Xu N, Wang C, Huang P, Huang H, Jin Z, Yu Z, Cai T, ...

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