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2021 in numbers

Posted by , on 31 December 2021

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the Node in 2021. We hope you have enjoyed interacting with the site over the past year. As a reminder, the Node is a community site so anyone with an interest in developmental biology or stem cells can, once registered, post on the website. This could be a research story, a commentary, an interview or a job or event listing. If you have any suggestions for new features or would like advice from the Node team you can contact us at But before we look ahead to 2022, we focus on 2021 in numbers:

  • 1 Countdown to 2022
  • 3 Featured resources
  • 10 Development presents… webinars
  • 14 SciArt profiles
  • 179 posts
  • >200 job adverts
  • >200 events listed
  • 530 tweets
  • 1024 scientists registered in the Node Network
  • 378,900 website views

Happy New Year from the Node team

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