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Behind the scenes of Kicheva Lab

Posted by , on 7 November 2018

Every year our Institute (IST Austria) opens its doors to the public during an outreach event called Open Campus. Visitors can participate in demonstrations and guided tours of the labs while scientists explain their research. But how do you show a variety of different activities performed in the lab within a 20 min tour? We wanted to make it possible for people to take a look behind the scenes of week-long experiments in just 3 minutes… so we came up with an idea of a video: a glimpse into our everyday work with cells, embryos and datasets.

Making this type of video requires you to step out of your scientific comfort zone and to consider what the audience will want to see. It is a great way to engage the public in your research and, needless to say, you can finally show your family and friends what ‘being in a lab’ is all about.

After some brainstorming sessions, endless laughs (it is not easy to keep a straight face when you thought you had been recording for 5 minutes and you had forgotten to press the record button), lots of editing and, most importantly, scouring the internet to find an ideal soundtrack… We made a movie!

Since we received a lot of uplifting positive feedback, we would like to share our short movie with The Node Community as well. Welcome to Kicheva Lab and get inspired!

You can also find the video here.



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