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A simple tool to visualise gene expression during early mouse pallium development

Posted by , on 9 May 2022

Last year, we published a study on the spatial diversity of developing mouse pallial progenitors and neurons: Moreau MX, Saillour Y, Cwetsch A, Pierani A and Causeret F (2021) Single-cell transcriptomics of the early developing mouse cerebral cortex disentangle the spatial and temporal components of neuronal fate acquisition. Development 148 (14): dev197962.

We have now developed a Shiny App to navigate the data, it can be accessed here:

It allows replicating the figures presented in our article using your favorite gene(s), without the need to implement bioinformatic analyses. If you are interested in pallium development and want to visualise the expression of specific genes in progenitors and neurons, explore their spatial and temporal variations or compare ventral and dorsal differentiation trajectories, this App is for you. We hope the community of developmental neurobiologists will find it useful and convenient.

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