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Celebrating stem cells

Posted by , on 1 November 2012

Last month was an exciting one for stem cell research. I’m sure you all saw how stem cells hit international headlines with the announcement of a Nobel Prize for John ...

EuroStemCell: latest news and what next?

Posted by , on 25 June 2012

EuroStemCell is an EU-funded project focussed on public engagement with stem cell and regenerative medicine research. For the latest news on what we’re doing and major issues affecting the field, ...

Is the end of EU embryonic stem cell funding nigh?

Posted by , on 18 June 2012

Patient associations and leading research funders have called on the European Parliament to continue EU funding for embryonic stem cell research. The Wellcome Trust issued the group’s joint statement last ...

#stemcellfacts - Tweeting stem cell research

Posted by , on 16 February 2012

At the start of February, EuroStemCell used our Twitter page @eurostemcell in a new way: We posted a series of fascinating facts and ‘test your knowledge’ questions about stem cells, ...

Stem cells, cellules souches, Stammzellen: taking research to Europe's public

Posted by , on 22 December 2011

It’s been a busy year for EuroStemCell: Europe’s stem cell hub – see for more information on who we are. We’d like to wish The Node community a happy ...

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Hi Daniel, Thanks for getting in touch, glad you like our resources. Have you used any of them? We'd love to get your feedback on what you like or think we could do better. We haven't covered the Xu story and don't currently have any plans to do so. Sorry not to be able to help on that. Emma
by Emma Kemp in Stem cells at school, plus new fact sheets on EuroStemCell on February 14, 2013