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European Court rules against embryonic stem cell patents

Posted by , on 18 October 2011

The European Court of Justice has today announced a landmark decision banning patenting of inventions based on embryonic stem cells. Several senior stem cell biologists have expressed their concern that ...

Stem cell patent case could have far-reaching impact

Posted by , on 28 April 2011

Last month, the advocate-general of the European Court of Justice gave his opinion on a long-running legal debate about a patent filed several years ago in Germany. If the Court follows his ...

European Advocate General critical of stem cell patents

Posted by , on 11 March 2011

I expect many of you have already seen reports that the European Advocate General has taken a very restrictive view on patents for technologies that use human embyronic stem cells. ...

iPS or transdifferentiation

Posted by , on 2 March 2011

The discovery of iPS made headlines the world over, and rightly so. But recently, transdifferentiation between somatic cell types has also been the focus of  considerable attention. A couple of ...

EuroStemCell: connecting scientists with European citizens

Posted by , on 3 February 2011

I’m one of a team of science communicators, scientists, clinicians and social scientists involved in a project called EuroStemCell. It’s an EU-funded project that unites more than 90 European stem ...

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