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European Advanced School for Mouse Phenogenomics – pushing the boundaries of mouse genetics

Posted by , on 24 July 2015

The laboratory mouse has been a popular model in mammalian biology for obvious reasons and it has contributed to a number of landmark discoveries in biomedical research. Despite this, few ...

Of non-existent black holes and pickled stem cells

Posted by , on 2 February 2014

Physics and Biology were the media darlings last week. Earlier, one of my favorite physicists Professor Stephen Hawking claimed through his paper that there are no black holes! Well… later ...

Biologically Inspired Digital Designs

Posted by , on 13 June 2013

Birds in flight were an inspiration for Wright brothers to build aeroplane. Be it how Geckos scurry up walls or sub cellular trafficking of molecules, fundamental biological phenomena are always ...

A Taste of Stem Cells

Posted by , on 16 May 2013

Continuous supply of mature differentiated cells by adult stem cells is required in most of adult tissues especially those with rapid turnover rates. In recent years, using advanced cell biological ...

The Hydra Summer School – training future stem cell biologists at the frontier

Posted by , on 17 October 2012

Despite the fact that I write this meeting post after three weeks of the summer school, I feel as though I’m writing directly from the Hydra Island, the experience and ...