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BSDB 2018: Meet the speakers & chairs

Posted by , on 12 April 2018

Here at Development towers the excitement is mounting for the BSDB’s Spring meeting, which starts in Warwick on Sunday. The meetings are always great fun but this year promises to be particularly special – the society is celebrating its 70th  birthday and has assembled an all star cast of speakers.



The epic conference poster designed by Sally Lowell!


If you’re coming, be sure to check out The Company of Biologists’ stand and look out for Katherine Brown (Development Executive Editor), Seema Grewal (Development Reviews Editors) and Aidan Maartens (the Node Community Manager & Development Online Editor). We’ll also be accessible at the bar to talk about everything related to publishing, including preLights, the new preprints service.

As we looked at the line up we realised we’d interviewed many of the speakers and chairs for Development over the last few years, either in print or on screen, so have decided to share them with you here.



Abigail Tucker 

April 2016

Austin Smith

March 2016

Cheryll Tickle

April 2016

Claudio Stern

December 2017

Eric Wieschaus

May 2017

Gordon Keller


June 2016

Hiroshi Hamada

May 2017

James Briscoe

March 2018

Janet Rossant

April 2016

Jim Smith

August 2017

John Gurdon

May 2017

Kathryn Anderson

November 2016

Liz Robertson

August 2016

Mike Levine

October 2015

Olivier Pourquié

January 2010

Ottoline Leyser

October 2011


Patrick Tam

November 2010

Phil Ingham

June 2014

Steve Wilson

April 2010

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