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BSDB/GenSoc 2020 Q&As

Posted by , on 18 March 2020

BSDB/GenSoc 2020 had a fantastic planned line up of plenary speakers. Over the past three days we managed to sit down for a virtual chat with five of them – in these short videos, you’ll hear about their science, their connection to the BSDB, how the coronavirus has been affecting their labs, and more.


Tatjana Sauka-Spengler (University of Oxford, 2020 Cheryll Tickle Medal Winner)

With Mate Palfy (preLights Community Manager)


Bénédicte Sanson (University of Cambridge, 2019 Cheryll Tickle Medal Winner)

With Alex Eve (Development Reviews Editor)



Paul Riley (University of Oxford)

With Seema Grewal (Development Senior Editor)


Buzz Baum (University College London)

With Katherine Brown (Development Executive Editor)


Peter Currie (Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute Monash University)

With Aidan Maartens (the Node Community Manager)




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