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BSDB/BSCB awardees and new BSDB committee members

Posted by , on 16 April 2015


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The joint BSDB/BSCB spring meeting has again been a great and most successful event. As every year most of our Awards are announced on this meeting and the BSDB would like to congratulate all prize winners and awardees:

Main Awards

  • BSDB Waddington Award winner: Lewis Wolpert (UCL, London) who presented a talk about his seminal discoveries of concepts of positional information (soon available online)
  • BSCB Hooke Award winner: Kairbaan Hodivala-Dilke (Barts Cancer Inst, QMUL, London) who presented a talk entitled: “From the Garden to the Lab” about using angiogenesis as a target for cancer treatment (soon available online)
  • BSCB WICB Award winner: Victoria Cowling (Univ. Dundee) who presented a talk “Regulation of mRNA capping in embryonic stem cell pluripotency and differentiation” (soon available online)
  • BSDB Beddington Award winner: John Robert Davis (then at Kings, London with Brian Stramer, now at CRUK/Crick, London, with Nic Tapon) who presented a talk entitled “Intercellular forces orchestrate cell repulsion and embryonic pattern formation
  • 1st BSDB PhD Poster Prize winner (visit to 2015 SDB meeting, Utah): Wendy Gu (Univ Cambridge, with M Landgraf) – “The role of Wnt5 ligand and the Ryk family Wnt receptors in positioning neurites along the anteroposterior axis of the developing Drosophila ventral nerve cord
  • 1st BSCB PhD Poster Prize winner (visit to 2015 ASCB meeting, San Diego): Sam Crossman (NIMR/Crick, London, with JP Vincent) – “Apoptosis in Drosophila patterning mutant embryos occurs in regions with low epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) signalling

Runners Up for PhD Poster Prize (sponsored by Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol)

  • Sebastian Judd-Mole (£200 prize; Monash Univ, with RB Burke) – “Functional characterisation of voltage gated chloride channel proteins in Drosophila
  • Jingchao Zhang (£150 prize; SCRM, Univ Edinburgh, with I Chambers) – “Interactions between Otx2 and Nanog regulates self-renewal network
  • Hannah Roddie (£150 prize; Univ Sheffield, with IR Evans) – “The apoptotic cell receptor Simu is required for normal inflammatory responses in Drosophila embryos

PostDoc Prizes (Sponsored by Gene Tools)

  • Monica Faronato (£150 prize; Imperial College, London, with L Magnani) – “DMXL2 regulates Notch in endocrine resistant breast cancer
  • Andrew Bailey (£150 prize; NIMR/Crick, London, with AP Gould) – “An antioxidant role for lipid droplets in a stem cell niche of Drosophila



New BSDB committee members

Five of the BSDB commitee members, Malcolm Logan (2008-2015), Jenny Nichols (2010-2015), Lynda Erksine (2010-2015), Andrew Chalmers (2010-2015) and the Graduate Representative  Magdalena Stasiulewicz (2013-2015), will end their term this autumn and we would like to thank them for their outstanding service to the BSDB.  We are glad to be able to announce that four excellent successors have been elected on our AGM who will officially take term in autumn but will already respond to your queries or requests.

  • Alistair McGregor (Oxford Brookes Univ) – Evolution of animal development and morphology – arthropods including Drosophila
  • Berenika Plusa (The Univ. of Manchester) – Early mammalian embryogenesis – mouse
  • Tristan Rodriguez – (Imperial College, London) – cell fate decisions and cell survival in the early mammalian embryo – mouse and ES cells
  • Rita Sousa-Nunes – (Kings College, London) – Neural Proliferation and Tumourigenesis – Drosophila

A call for nominating the postgraduate representative will go out very soon, so please, start to think about candidates.

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