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December in preprints

Posted by , on 19 January 2023

Welcome to our monthly trawl for developmental biology (and related) preprints.

The preprints this month are hosted on bioRxiv – use these links to get to the section you want.

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Developmental biology

| Patterning & signalling

Drosophila egg chambers from Halder, et al.

TOR signalling regulates epithelial cell shape transition in Drosophila oogenesis
Sudipta Halder, Gaurab Ghosh, Budhaditya Gayen, Mohit Prasad

The bHLH-PAS transcriptional complex Sim:Tgo plays active roles in late oogenesis to promote follicle maturation and ovulation
Rebecca Oramas, Elizabeth Knapp, Baosheng Zeng, Jianjun Sun

LHX2 in germ cells control tubular organization in the developing mouse testis
Neha Singh, Domdatt Singh, Anshul Bhide, Richa Sharma, Shilpa Bhowmick, Vainav Patel, Deepak Modi

Vangl facilitates mesenchymal thinning during lung sacculation independently of Celsr
Sarah V. Paramore, Carolina Trenado-Yuste, Rishabh Sharan, Danelle Devenport, Celeste M. Nelson

Coupling dynamics of 2D Notch-Delta signalling
Francisco Berkemeier, Karen Page

Molecular characterization of Left-Right symmetry breaking in the mouse embryo
Richard C.V. Tyser, Ximena Ibarra-Soria, Monique Pedroza, Antonio M.A. Miranda, Teun A.H. van den Brand, Antonio Scialdone, John C. Marioni, Shankar Srinivas

Intracellular fraction of zona pellucida protein 3 is required for the oocyte to embryo transition in mice
Steffen Israel, Julia Seyfarth, Thomas Nolte, Hannes C.A. Drexler, Georg Fuellen, Michele Boiani

4931414P19Rik: A Chemoattractant Secreted by Neural Progenitors Modulates Microglia Activation and Neuronal Migration During Mammalian Brain Development
Ivan Mestres, Federico Calegari

Coronary vessel assembly involves patterned endocardial sprouting and tip-cell-to artery specification
Elena Cano, Jennifer Paech, Masatoshi Kanda, Eric L. Lindberg, Irene Hollfinger, Caroline Brauening, Cornelius Fischer, Norbert Hübner, Holger Gerhardt

Cylicins are a structural component of the sperm calyx being indispensable for male fertility in mice and human
Simon Schneider, Andjela Kovacevic, Michelle Mayer, Ann-Kristin Dicke, Lena Arévalo, Sophie A. Koser, Jan N. Hansen, Samuel Young, Christoph Brenker, Sabine Kliesch, Dagmar Wachten, Gregor Kirfel, Timo Strünker, Frank Tüttelmann, Hubert Schorle

mPSC colonies from Aguilar-Hidalgo, et al.

Symmetry-breaking in adherent pluripotent stem cell-derived developmental patterns
Daniel Aguilar-Hidalgo, Joel Ostblom, M Mona Siu, Benjamin McMaster, Tiam Heydari, Nicolas Werschler, Mukul Tewary, Peter Zandstra

The contribution of maternal oral, vaginal, and gut microbiota to the developing offspring gut
Amber L. Russell, Erin Donovan, Nicole Seilhamer, Melissa Siegrist, Craig L. Franklin, Aaron C. Ericsson

An important role for triglyceride in regulating spermatogenesis
Charlotte F. Chao, Yanina-Yasmin Pesch, Huaxu Yu, Chenjingyi Wang, Maria Aristizabal, Tao Huan, Guy Tanentzapf, Elizabeth J. Rideout

Distinct molecular profile of the chick Organizer as a stem zone during axial elongation
Timothy R. Wood, Iwo Kucinski, Octavian Voiculescu

Multiple pathways for reestablishing PAR polarity in C. elegans embryo
Laurel A. Koch, Lesilee S. Rose

Polychrome labeling reveals skeletal triradiate and elongation dynamics and abnormalities in patterning cue-perturbed embryos
Abigail E. Descoteaux, Daniel T. Zuch, Cynthia A. Bradham

Sfrp2 is a multifunctional regulator of rodent color patterns
Matthew R. Johnson, Sha Li, Christian F. Guerrero-Juarez, Pearson Miller, Benjamin J. Brack, Sarah A. Mereby, Charles Feigin, Jenna Gaska, Qing Nie, Jaime A. Rivera-Perez, Alexander Ploss, Stanislav Y. Shvartsman, Ricardo Mallarino

FGF2 and BMP4 influence on FGFR2 dynamics during the segregation of epiblast and primitive endoderm cells in the pre-implantation mouse embryo
Marcelo D. Goissis, Brian Bradshaw, Eszter Posfai, Janet Rossant

Evidence implicating sequential commitment of the founder lineages in the human blastocyst by order of hypoblast gene activation
Elena Corujo-Simon, Arthur H. Radley, Jennifer Nichols

A bioelectrical phase transition patterns the first beats of a vertebrate heart
Bill Z. Jia, Yitong Qi, J. David Wong-Campos, Sean G. Megason, Adam E. Cohen

Stat3 has a different role in axon growth during development than it does in axon regeneration after injury
Qinwen Duan, Hongfei Zheng, Yanjun Qin, Jizhou Yan, Shawn Burgess, Jian Wang, Chunxin Fan

Zebrafish telencephalon from Doostdar, et al.

Cell coupling compensates for changes in single-cell Her6 dynamics and provides phenotypic robustness
Parnian Doostdar, Joshua Hawley, Elli Marinopoulou, Robert Lea, Veronica Biga, Nancy Papalopulu, Ximena Soto Rodriguez

Dual functions of labial resolve the Hox logic of chelicerate head segments
Guilherme Gainett, Benjamin C. Klementz, Pola O. Blaszczyk, Heather Bruce, Nipam Patel, Prashant P. Sharma

| Morphogenesis & mechanics

Phenotypical Rescue of Bmp15 Deficiency by Mutation of Inhibin α (inha) Provides Novel Clues to How Bmp15 Controls Zebrafish Folliculogenesis
Yue Zhai, Cheng Zhao, Ruijing Geng, Kun Wu, Mingzhe Yuan, Nana Ai, Wei Ge

Systematic characterization of Drosophila RhoGEF/GAP localizations uncovers regulators of mechanosensing and junction formation during epithelial cell division
Florencia di Pietro, Mariana Osswald, José M De las Heras, Ines Cristo, Jesus Lopez- Gay, Zhimin Wang, Stéphane Pelletier, Isabelle Gaugué, Adrien Leroy, Charlotte Martin, Eurico Morais-De-Sá, Yohanns Bellaïche

Actomyosin remodeling regulates biomineral formation, growth and morphology during eukaryote skeletogenesis
Eman Hijaze, Tsvia Gildor, Ronald Seidel, Mark Winter, Luca Bertinetti, Majed Layous, Yael Politi, Smadar Ben-Tabou de-Leon

Organ-Founder Stem Cells Mediate Post-Embryonic Neuromast Formation In Medaka
Karen Gross, Tuğçe Raif, Ali Seleit, Jasmin Onistschenko, Isabel Krämer, Lazaro Centanin

Local angiogenic interplay of Vegfc/d and Vegfa drives fenestrated capillary network formation in the choroid plexuses and circumventricular organs
Sweta Parab, Olivia A. Card, Qiyu Chen, Luke D. Buck, Rachael E. Quick, William F. Horrigan, Gil Levkowitz, Benoit Vanhollebeke, Ryota L. Matsuoka

Core PCP mutations affect short time mechanical properties but not tissue morphogenesis in the Drosophila pupal wing
Romina Piscitello-Gómez, Franz S Gruber, Abhijeet Krishna, Charlie Duclut, Carl D Modes, Marko Popović, Frank Jülicher, Natalie A Dye, Suzanne Eaton

A mechanical wave travels along a genetic guide to drive the formation of an epithelial furrow
Anna Popkova, Sophie Pagnotta, Matteo Rauzi

Scavenger receptor endocytosis controls apical membrane morphogenesis in the Drosophila airways
Ana S. Pinheiro, Vasilios Tsarouhas, Kirsten Senti, Badrul Arefin, Christos Samakovlis

Formation of the mouse placode from Villeneuve, et al.

Mechanical forces across compartments coordinate cell shape and fate transitions to generate tissue architecture
Clémentine Villeneuve, Ali Hashmi, Irene Ylivinkka, Elizabeth Lawson-Keister, Yekaterina A. Miroshnikova, Carlos Pérez-González, Bhagwan Yadav, Tao Zhang, Danijela Matic Vignjevic, Marja L. Mikkola, M. Lisa Manning, Sara A. Wickström

Down-regulation of Drosophila Glutactin, a cholinesterase-like adhesion molecule of the basement membrane, impairs development, compromises adult function and shortens lifespan
Pedro Alvarez-Ortiz, Shawna Guillemette, Rachel Humphrey, Bryan A. Ballif, Jim O. Vigoreaux

In situ quantification of osmotic pressure within living embryonic tissues
Antoine Vian, Marie Pochitaloff, Shuo-Ting Yen, Sangwoo Kim, Jennifer Pollock, Yucen Liu, Ellen Sletten, Otger Campàs

MicroRNA-205 promotes hair regeneration by modulating mechanical properties of hair follicle stem cells
Jingjing Wang, Yuheng Fu, Wenmao Huang, Ritusree Biswas, Avinanda Banerjee, Joshua A. Broussard, Zhihai Zhao, Dongmei Wang, Glen Bjerke, Srikala Raghavan, Jie Yan, Kathleen J. Green, Rui Yi

Modeling epithelial tissue and cell deformation dynamics using a viscoelastic slab sculpted by surface forces
XinXin Du, Michael Shelley

| Genes & genomes

The multiple lncRNAs encoding hsrω gene is essential for oogenesis in Drosophila
Rima Saha, Subhash C. Lakhotia

ZBTB20 is Essential for Cochlear Maturation and Hearing in Mice
Zhifang Xie, Xian-Hua Ma, Qiu-Fang Bai, Jie Tang, Jian-He Sun, Fei Jiang, Wei Guo, Chen-Ma Wang, Rui Yang, Yin-Chuan Wen, Fang-Yuan Wang, Yu-Xia Chen, Hai Zhang, David Z. He, Matthew W. Kelley, Shiming Yang, Weiping J. Zhang

Regulatory changes associated with the head to trunk developmental transition
Patrícia Duarte, Rion Brattig Correia, Ana Nóvoa, Moisés Mallo

A MTA2-SATB2 chromatin complex restrains colonic plasticity toward small intestine by retaining HNF4A at colonic chromatin
Wei Gu, Xiaofeng Huang, Pratik N. P. Singh, Ying Lan, Jesus M Gomez-Salinero, Shahin Rafii, Mike Verzi, Ramesh Shivdasani, Qiao Zhou

Cell-specific occupancy dynamics between the pioneer-like factor Opa/ZIC and Ocelliles/OTX regulate early head development in embryos
Kelli D. Fenelon, Fan Gao, Priyanshi Borad, Shiva Abbasi, Lior Pachter, Theodora Koromila

 Expression heatmap of MOV10-bound transcripts from Guan, et al.

The MOV10 RNA helicase is a dosage-dependent host restriction factor for LINE1 retrotransposition in mice
Yongjuan Guan, Hongyan Gao, N. Adrian Leu, Anastassios Vourekas, Panagiotis Alexiou, Manolis Maragkakis, Zissimos Mourelatos, Guanxiang Liang, P. Jeremy Wang

New enhancer-promoter interactions are gained during tissue differentiation and reflect changes in E/P activity
Tim Pollex, Adam Rabinowitz, Maria Cristina Gambetta, Raquel Marco-Ferreres, Rebecca R. Viales, Aleksander Jankowski, Christoph Schaub, Eileen E.M. Furlong

Associations of Socioeconomic Disparities With Buccal DNA-Methylation Measures Of Biological Aging
L. Raffington, T. Schwaba, M. Aikins, D. Richter, G.G. Wagner, K.P. Harden, D.W. Belsky, E.M. Tucker-Drob

ythdf2(ch200) and its role in development of the early zebrafish embryo
Alana V. Beadell

DNA methylation entropy is associated with DNA sequence features and developmental epigenetic divergence
Yuqi Fang, Zhicheng Ji, Weiqiang Zhou, Jordi Abante, Michael A. Koldobskiy, Hongkai Ji, Andrew P. Feinberg

Longevity and rejuvenation effects of cell reprogramming are decoupled from loss of somatic identity
Dmitrii Kriukov, Ekaterina E. Khrameeva, Vadim N. Gladyshev, Sergey E. Dmitriev, Alexander Tyshkovskiy

Multiplex profiling of developmental enhancers with quantitative, single-cell expression reporters
Jean-Benoît Lalanne, Samuel G. Regalado, Silvia Domcke, Diego Calderon, Beth Martin, Tony Li, Chase C. Suiter, Choli Lee, Cole Trapnell, Jay Shendure

Pioneer transcription factors coordinate active and repressive gene expression states to regulate cell fate
Satoshi Matsui, Marissa Granitto, Morgan Buckley, Joseph Shiley, William Zacharias, Christopher Mayhew, Hee-Woong Lim, Makiko Iwafuchi

Neuron types in the developing mouse CNS can be divided into several epigenomic and transcriptomic classes
Sami Kilpinen, Heidi Heliölä, Kaia Achim

| Stem cells, regeneration & disease modelling

Neuroendocrine control of catch-up growth in Drosophila
Diana M Vallejo, Ernesto Saez, Lucia García-López, Roberto Santoro, Maria Dominguez

The shh limb enhancer is activated in patterned limb regeneration but not in hypomorphic limb regeneration in Xenopus laevis
Reimi Tada, Takuya Higashidate, Takanori Amano, Shoma Ishikawa, Chifuyu Yokoyama, Saki Nara, Koshiro Ishida, Akane Kawaguchi, Haruki Ochi, Hajime Ogino, Nayuta Yakushiji-Kaminatsui, Joe Sakamoto, Yasuhiro Kamei, Koji Tamura, Hitoshi Yokoyama

GSK3 and Lamellipodin balance lamellipodial protrusions and focal adhesion maturation in mouse neural crest migration
Lisa Dobson, William B. Barrell, Zahra Seraj, Steven Lynham, Sheng-Yuan Wu, Matthias Krause, Karen J. Liu

The Tip60/Ep400 chromatin remodeling complex impacts basic metabolic and cellular functions in cranial neural crest-derived tissue during early orofacial development
Sebastian Gehlen-Breitbach, Theresa Schmid, Matthias Weider, Michael Wegner, Lina Gölz

FOXC2 marks and maintains the primitive spermatogonial stem cells subpopulation in the adult testis
Zhipeng Wang, Cheng Jin, Pengyu Li, Yiran Li, Jielin Tang, Zhixin Yu, Tao Jiao, Jinhuan Ou, Han Wang, Dingfeng Zou, Mengzhen Li, Xinyu Mang, Jun Liu, Yan Lu, Kai Li, Ning Zhang, Shiying Miao, Jia Yu, Linfang Wang, Wei Song

Di Michele Michela, Attina Aurore, Laguesse Sophie, De Blasio Carlo, Wendling Olivia, Frenois Francois-Xavier, Encislai Betty, Fuentes Maryse, Jahanault-Tagliani Céline, Rousseau Mélanie, Roux Pierre-François, Guégan Justine, Buscail Yoan, Dupré Pierrick, Michaud Henri-Alexandre, Rodier Geneviève, Bellvert Floriant, Kulyk Barbier Hannah, Ferraro Peyret Carole, Mathieu Hugo, Chaveroux Cédric, Pirot Nelly, Rubio Lucie, Torro Adeline, Compan Vincent, Sorg Tania, Ango Fabrice, David Alexandre, Lebigot Elise, Legati Andrea, Hirtz Christophe, Ghezzi Daniele, Nguyen Laurent, Sardet Claude, Lacroix Matthieu, Le Cam Laurent

Mouse sperm from Merges, et al.

Actl7b-deficiency leads to mislocalization of LC8 type dynein light chains and disruption of murine spermatogenesis
Gina E. Merges, Lena Arévalo, Keerthika Lohanadan, Dirk G. de Rooij, Melanie Jokwitz, Walter Witke, Hubert Schorle

Transcriptomic landscape and potential therapeutic targets for human testicular aging revealed by single-cell RNA sequencing
Kai Xia, Siyuan He, Peng Luo, Lin Dong, Feng Gao, Xuren Chen, Yunlin Ye, Yong Gao, Yuanchen Ma, Yadong Zhang, Qiyun Yang, Dayu Han, Xin Feng, Zi Wan, Hongcai Cai, Qiong Ke, Tao Wang, Weiqiang Li, Xiang’an Tu, Xiangzhou Sun, Chunhua Deng, Andy Peng Xiang

Single-cell dynamics of core pluripotency factors in human pluripotent stem cells
Sonja Mihailovic, Samuel C. Wolff, Katarzyna M. Kedziora, Nicole M. Smiddy, Margaret A. Redick, Yuli Wang, Guang Ken Lin, Tarek M. Zikry, Jeremy Simon, Travis Ptacek, Nancy L. Allbritton, Adriana S. Beltran, Jeremy E. Purvis

Distinct stem-like cell populations facilitate functional regeneration of the Cladonema medusa tentacle
Sosuke Fujita, Erina Kuranaga, Masayuki Miura, Yu-ichiro Nakajima

Exploring cognitive, behavioural and autism trait network topology in very preterm and term-born children
Marguerite Leoni, Lucy D. Vanes, Laila Hadaya, Dana Kanel, Paola Dazzan, Emily Simonoff, Serena Counsell, Francesca Happé, A. David Edwards, Chiara Nosarti

Disruption of fos causes craniofacial anomalies in developing zebrafish
Lorena Maili, Bhavna Tandon, Qiuping Yuan, Simone Menezes, S. Shahrukh Hashmi, Ariadne Letra, George T. Eisenhoffer, Jacqueline T. Hecht

Pleiotropy of autism-associated chromatin regulators
Micaela Lasser, Nawei Sun, Yuxiao Xu, Karen Law, Silvano Gonzalez, Belinda Wang, Vanessa Drury, Sam Drake, Yefim Zaltsman, Jeanselle Dea, Ethel Bader, Kate E. McCluskey, Matthew W. State, A. Jeremy Willsey, Helen Rankin Willsey

Administration of amniotic fluid stem cell extracellular vesicles promotes development of fetal hypoplastic lungs by immunomodulating lung macrophages
Lina Antounians, Rebeca Lopes Figueira, Bharti Kukreja, Elke Zani-Ruttenstock, Kasra Khalaj, Louise Montalva, Fabian Doktor, Mikal Obed, Matisse Blundell, Taiyi Wu, Cadia Chan, Richard Wagner, Martin Lacher, Michael D. Wilson, Brian T. Kalish, Augusto Zani

Early eye and forebrain development are facilitated by Bone Morphogenetic Protein antagonism
Johannes Bulk, Valentyn Kyrychenko, Philipp Rensinghoff, Stephan Heermann

Logical modelling of myelofibrotic microenvironment predicts dysregulated progenitor stem cell crosstalk
S. P. Chapman, E. Duprez, E. Remy

Transgenic porcine model reveals two roles for LGR5 during lung development and homeostasis
Kathryn M. Polkoff, Nithin K. Gupta, Yanet Murphy, Ross Lampe, Jaewook Chung, Amber Carter, Jeremy M. Simon, Katherine Gleason, Adele Moatti, Preetish K. Murthy, Laura Edwards, Alon Greenbaum, Aleksandra Tata, Purushothama Rao Tata, Jorge A. Piedrahita

Transcriptional networks are dynamically regulated during cell cycle progression in human Pluripotent Stem Cells
Anna Osnato, Stephanie Brown, Ludovic Vallier

Exercise reprograms the inflammatory landscape of multiple stem cell compartments during mammalian aging
Ling Liu, Soochi Kim, Matthew T. Buckley, Jaime M. Reyes, Jengmin Kang, Lei Tian, Mingqiang Wang, Alexander Lieu, Michelle Mao, Cristina Rodriguez-Mateo, Heather Ishak, Mira Jeong, Joseph C. Wu, Margaret A. Goodell, Anne Brunet, Thomas A. Rando

| Plant development

The miR156-targeted SlSBP15 represses tomato shoot branching via modulating auxin transport and interacting with GOBLET and BRANCHED1b
Carlos Hernán Barrera-Rojas, Mateus Henrique Vicente, Diego Armando Pinheiro Brito, Eder M. Silva, Aitor Munoz Lopez, Leticia F. Ferigolo, Rafael Monteiro do Carmo, Carolina M. S. Silva, Geraldo F.F. Silva, Joao P. O. Correa, Marcela M. Notini, Luciano Freschi, Pilar Cubas, Fabio T.S. Nogueira

Physcomitrium patens from Cammarata, et al

The ratio of auxin to cytokinin controls leaf development and meristem initiation in Physcomitrium patens
Joseph Cammarata, Adrienne H. K. Roeder, Michael J. Scanlon

The canonical E2Fs together with RETINOBLASTOMA-RELATED are required to establish quiescence during plant development
Magdolna Gombos, Cécile Raynaud, Yuji Nomoto, Eszter Molnár, Rim Brik-Chaouche, Hirotomo Takatsuka, Ahmad Zaki, Dóri Bernula, David Latrasse, Keito Mineta, Fruzsina Nagy, Xiaoning He, Hidekazu Iwakawa, Erika Őszi, Jing An, Takamasa Suzuki, Csaba Papdi, Clara Bergis, Moussa Benhamed, László Bögre, Masaki Ito, Zoltán Magyar

Cytokinin synthesis and export from symbiotic root nodules coordinates shoot growth with nitrogen fixation
Yumeng Chen, Jie Liu, Jieshun Lin, Yuda Purwana Roswanjaya, Marcin Nadzieja, Flavien Buron, Wouter Kohlen, Markus Geisler, Jens Stougaard, Dugald Reid

The Class VIII myosin ATM1 is required for root apical meristem function
Damilola Olatunji, Natalie M. Clark, Dior R. Kelley

| Evo-devo

Convergent deployment of ancestral programs during the evolution of mammalian flight membranes
Charles Y. Feigin, Jorge A. Moreno, Raul Ramos, Sarah A. Mereby, Ares Alivisatos, Wei Wang, Renée van Amerongen, Jasmin Camacho, John J. Rasweiler IV, Richard R. Behringer, Bruce Ostrow, Maksim V. Plikus, Ricardo Mallarino

Probing the evolutionary dynamics of whole-body regeneration within planarian flatworms
Miquel Vila-Farré, Andrei Rozanski, Mario Ivanković, James Cleland, Jeremias N. Brand, Felix Thalen, Markus Grohme, Stephanie von Kannen, Alexandra Grosbusch, Han T-K Vu, Carlos E. Prieto, Fernando Carbayo, Bernhard Egger, Christoph Bleidorn, John E. J. Rasko, Jochen C. Rink

Flexible parental care ensures robustness of post-embryonic development
Ahva L. Potticary, Christopher B. Cunningham, Allen J. Moore

Tooth development from Christensen, et al.

The developmental basis for scaling of mammalian tooth size
Mona M. Christensen, Outi Hallikas, Rishi Das Roy, Vilma Väänänen, Otto E. Stenberg, Teemu J. Häkkinen, Jean-Christophe François, Robert J. Asher, Ophir D. Klein, Martin Holzenberger, Jukka Jernvall

Cell Biology

Ectopic activation of the polar body extrusion pathway triggers cell fragmentation in preimplantation embryos
Diane Pelzer, Ludmilla de Plater, Peta Bradbury, Adrien Eichmuller, Anne Bourdais, Guillaume Halet, Jean-Léon Maître

The RNA-binding protein Adad1 is necessary for germ cell maintenance and meiosis in zebrafish
Kazi Nazrul Islam, Anuoluwapo Ajao, Katrin Henke, Kellee R. Siegfried

VCP acts downstream of tTAFs to downregulate mono-ubiquitinated H2A and promote spermatocyte differentiation in Drosophila
Tyler J. Butsch, Olga Dubuisson, Alyssa E. Johnson, K. Adam Bohnert

ClpP/ClpX deficiency impairs mitochondrial functions and mTORC1 signaling during spermatogenesis and meiosis
Chenxi Guo, Yuan Xiao, Jingkai Gu, Zhe Hu, Jiahuan Zheng, Renwu Hua, Zhuo Hai, Jiaping Su, Jian V. Zhang, William S.B. Yeung, Tianren Wang

C. elegans germline cell division from Ng, et al.

Cleavage furrow-directed cortical flows bias mechanochemical pathways for PAR polarization in the C. elegans germ lineage
KangBo Ng, Nisha Hirani, Tom Bland, Joana Borrego-Pinto, Nathan W. Goehring

Constriction forces imposed by basement membranes regulate developmental cell migration
Ester Molina López, Anna Kabanova, Maria D. Martín-Bermudo

The vascular gene Apold1 is dispensable for normal development but controls angiogenesis under pathological conditions
Zheng Fan, Raphaela Ardicoglu, Aashil A. Batavia, Ruslan Rust, Lukas von Ziegler, Rebecca Waag, Jing Zhang, Thibaut Desgeorges, Oliver Sturman, Hairuo Dang, Rebecca Weber, Andreas E. Moor, Martin E. Schwab, Pierre-Luc Germain, Johannes Bohacek, Katrien De Bock


Dynamic readout of the Hh gradient in the Drosophila wing disc reveals pattern-specific tradeoffs between robustness and precision
Rosalío Reyes, Arthur D. Lander, Marcos Nahmad

Homeostasis, injury and recovery dynamics at multiple scales in a self-organizing intestinal crypt
Louis Gall, Carrie Duckworth, Ferran Jardi, Lieve Lammens, Aimée Parker, Ambra Bianco, Holly Kimko, D. Mark Pritchard, Carmen Pin

Spatial-temporal order-disorder transition in angiogenic NOTCH signaling controls cell fate specification
Tae-Yun Kang, Federico Bocci, Qing Nie, José Nelson Onuchic, Andre Levchenko

Tools & Resources

Molecular and spatial design of early skin development
Tina Jacob, Karl Annusver, Paulo Czarnewski, Tim Dalessandri, Maria Eleni Kastriti, Chiara Levra Levron, Marja L Mikkola, Michael Rendl, Beate M Lichtenberger, Giacomo Donati, Åsa Björklund, Maria Kasper

Vessel Metrics: A python based software tool for automated analysis of vascular structure in confocal imaging
Sean D. McGarry, Cynthia Adjekukor, Suchit Ahuja, Jasper Greysson-Wong, Idy Vien, Kristina D. Rinker, Sarah.J. Childs

Establishment of Bovine Trophoblast Stem Cells
Yinjuan Wang, Leqian Yu, Jie Li, Linkai Zhu, Hao Ming, Carlos Pinzon Arteaga, Hai-Xi Sun, Jun Wu, Zongliang Jiang

Bovine blastocyst like structures derived from stem cell cultures
Carlos A. Pinzón-Arteaga, Yinjuan Wang, Yulei Wei, Leijie Li, Ana Elisa Ribeiro Orsi, Giovanna Scatolin, Lizhong Liu, Masahiro Sakurai, Jianfeng Ye, Leqian Yu, Bo Li, Zongliang Jiang, Jun Wu

Mouse eye vasculature from Krimpenfort, et al.

Anatomy of the complete mouse eye vasculature in development and pathology explored by light-sheet fluorescence microscopy
Luc Krimpenfort, Maria Garcia-Collado, Tom van Leeuwen, Filippo Locri, Anna-Liisa Luik, Antonio Queiro-Palou, Shigeaki Kanatani, Helder André, Per Uhlén, Lars Jakobsson

Histology-associated transcriptomic heterogeneity in ovarian folliculogenesis revealed by quantitative single-cell RNA-sequencing for tissue sections with DRaqL
Hiroki Ikeda, Shintaro Miyao, So Nagaoka, Takuya Yamamoto, Kazuki Kurimoto

A ligand-receptor interactome atlas of the zebrafish
Milosz Chodkowski, Andrzej Zielezinski, Savani Anbalagan

A cell atlas of human adrenal cortex development and disease
Ignacio del Valle, Matthew D Young, Gerda Kildisiute, Olumide K Ogunbiyi, Federica Buonocore, Ian C Simcock, Eleonora Khabirova, Berta Crespo, Nadjeda Moreno, Tony Brooks, Paola Niola, Katherine Swarbrick, Jenifer P Suntharalingham, Sinead M McGlacken-Byrne, Owen J Arthurs, Sam Behjati, John C Achermann

Aging Fly Cell Atlas Identifies Exhaustive Aging Features at Cellular Resolution
Tzu-Chiao Lu, Maria Brbić, Ye-Jin Park, Tyler Jackson, Jiaye Chen, Sai Saroja Kolluru, Yanyan Qi, Nadja Sandra Katheder, Xiaoyu Tracy Cai, Seungjae Lee, Yen-Chung Chen, Niccole Auld, Doug Welsch, Samuel D’Souza, Angela Oliveira Pisco, Robert C. Jones, Jure Leskovec, Eric C. Lai, Hugo J. Bellen, Liqun Luo, Heinrich Jasper, Stephen R. Quake, Hongjie Li

Production and Characterization of Monoclonal antibodies to Xenopus proteins
Brett Horr, Ryan Kurtz, Ankit Pandey, Benjamin G Hoffstrom, Elizabeth Schock, Carole LaBonne, Dominique Alfandari

Tissue microenvironment dictates the state of human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived endothelial cells of distinct developmental origin in 3D cardiac microtissues
Xu Cao, Maria Mircea, Francijna E. van den Hil, Hailiang Mei, Katrin Neumann, Konstantinos Anastassiadis, Christine L. Mummery, Stefan Semrau, Valeria V. Orlova

Next-generation plasmids for transgenesis in zebrafish and beyond
Cassie L. Kemmler, Hannah R. Moran, Brooke F. Murray, Aaron Scoresby, John R. Klem, Rachel L. Eckert, Elizabeth Lepovsky, Sylvain Bertho, Susan Nieuwenhuize, Sibylle Burger, Gianluca D’Agati, Charles Betz, Ann-Christin Puller, Anastasia Felker, Karolína Ditrychová, Seraina Bötschi, Markus Affolter, Nicolas Rohner, C. Ben Lovely, Kristen M. Kwan, Alexa Burger, Christian Mosimann

Fatecode: Cell fate regulator prediction using classification autoencoder perturbation
Mehrshad Sadria, Anita Layton, Sidharta Goyal, Gary D. Bader

The protooncogene Ski regulates the neuron-glia switch during development of the mammalian cerebral cortex
Alice Grison, Zahra Karimaddini, Jeremie Breda, Tanzila Mukhtar, Marcelo Boareto, Katja Eschbach, Christian Beisel, Dagmar Iber, Erik van Nimwegen, Verdon Taylor, Suzana Atanasoski

The compact Casπ (Cas12l) ‘bracelet’ provides a unique structural platform for DNA manipulation
Ao Sun, Cheng-Ping Li, Zhihang Chen, Shouyue Zhang, Danyuan Li, Yun Yang, Long-Qi Li, Yuqian Zhao, Kaichen Wang, Zhaofu Li, Jinxia Liu, Sitong Liu, Jia Wang, Jun-Jie Gogo Liu

Human telencephalic organoids from Martins-Costa, et al.

Morphogenesis and development of human telencephalic organoids in the absence and presence of exogenous ECM
Catarina Martins-Costa, Vincent Pham, Jaydeep Sidhaye, Maria Novatchkova, Angela Peer, Paul Möseneder, Nina S. Corsini, Jürgen A. Knoblich

Single Cell transcriptional analysis of ex vivo models of cortical and hippocampal development identifies unique longitudinal trends
Daniel K. Krizay, David B. Goldstein, Michael J. Boland

Selective volumetric excitation and imaging for single molecule localization microscopy in multicellular systems
Tommaso Galgani, Yasmina Fedala, Romeo Zapata, Laura Caccianini, Virgile Viasnoff, Jean-Baptiste Sibarita, Rémi Galland, Maxime Dahan, Bassam Hajj

Predicting regulators of epithelial cell state through regularized regression analysis of single cell multiomic sequencing
Nicolas Ledru, Parker C. Wilson, Yoshiharu Muto, Yasuhiro Yoshimura, Haojia Wu, Amish Asthana, Stefan G. Tullius, Sushrut S. Waikar, Giuseppe Orlando, Benjamin D. Humphreys

A toolkit for converting Gal4 into LexA and Flippase transgenes in Drosophila
Sasidhar Karuparti, Ann T. Yeung, Bei Wang, Pedro F. Guicardi, Chun Han

Employing active learning in the optimization of culture medium for mammalian cells
Takamasa Hashizume, Yuki Ozawa, Bei-Wen Ying

Integrating human iPSC-derived macrophage progenitors into retinal organoids to generate a mature retinal microglial niche
Ayumi Usui-Ouchi, Sarah Giles, Yasuo Ouchi, Elizabeth A Mills, Martin Friedlander, Kevin T Eade

Research practice & education

A Pilot Survey of Authors’ Experiences with Poor Peer Review Practices
Kyle McCloskey, Jon F. Merz

Public exams may decrease anxiety and facilitate deeper conceptual thinking
Benjamin Wiggins, Leah Lily, Carly Busch, Meta Landys, J. Gwen Shlichta, Tianhong Shi, Tandi Ngwenyama

Does it pay to pay? A comparison of the benefits of open-access publishing across various sub-fields in Biology
Amanda D. Clark, Tanner C. Myers, Todd D. Steury, Ali Krzton, Julio A. Yanes, Angela Barber, Jacqueline L. Barry, Subarna Barua, Katherine M. Eaton, Devadatta Gosavi, Rebecca L. Nance, Zahida H. Pervaiz, Chidozie G. Ugochukwu, Patricia Hartman, Laurie S. Stevison

Bridging the gap between formal theory and scientific reform practices
Erkan Buzbas, Berna Devezer

Taxonomy of interventions at academic institutions to improve research quality
Alexandra R Davidson, Ginny Barbour, Shinichi Nakagawa, Alex O. Holcombe, Fiona Fidler, Paul P Glasziou

The Australian academic STEMM workplace post-COVID: a picture of disarray
Katherine Christian, Jo-ann Larkins, Michael R. Doran

Putting on academic armor: How Black physicians and trainees take stances to make racism visible amidst publishing constraints
M. Johnson, L.A. Maggio, A. Konopasky

SCIP: a self-paced summer coding program creates community and increases coding confidence
Rochelle-Jan Reyes, Olivia Pham, Ryan Fergusson, Niquo Ceberio, Candace Clark, C Sarah Cohen, Megumi Fuse, Pleuni Pennings

Comparing scientific abstracts generated by ChatGPT to original abstracts using an artificial intelligence output detector, plagiarism detector, and blinded human reviewers
Catherine A. Gao, Frederick M. Howard, Nikolay S. Markov, Emma C. Dyer, Siddhi Ramesh, Yuan Luo, Alexander T. Pearson

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