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Posted by , on 18 October 2022

Twitter has felt a little quieter on the #devbio front these past two weeks, perhaps in anticipation of the long awaited #ISDB2021, which kicked off this Sunday. If you have not made it to the meeting this time, you can still follow along using the hashtag #ISDB2021. We have also pick a few other tweets with interesting discussions that caught our eyes, as well as bringing you the preLights related to developmental and stem cell biology.

In vitro, in vivo or both, and does it matter?

No time for Twitter?

Boosting your mental health

Important teaching points!

Getting organised, continued

preLights in #devbio

Cellular Crosstalk: How Rnf20 communicates across cell types during cardiac development

How “nuclear massaging” helps dendritic cells find their way home: Alraies and colleagues present a cell shape sensing axis that guides dendritic cells to lymph nodes.

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