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Posted by , on 1 March 2022

Read on for our news roundup of the past month, with an emphasis on what has caught our eyes from our twitter feed.

#ScienceForUkraine – many labs are offering internships for scientists suffering in the conflict in Ukraine. For more information check out the tweet below:

#Single-CellSequencing – what would Darwin think of single-cell sequencing? And would his grant be funded?

#preLights turns 4!! And to help them celebrate we hosted a joint event on ‘Promoting yourself as an ECR’ on Wednesday 23 February. The recordings from the event and our panellists answers to the questions that we didn’t have time to address will be available soon. Thanks to everyone involved, especially our panellists, Maria Abou Chakra, Pablo Sáez and Sarvenaz Sarabipour.

#DiversityinScience – one of the landmarks we are celebrating at our ECR event, is the 2nd birthday of the Node Network. It was launched to help promote diversity in selection of reviewers, panellist and speakers for event in developmental and stem cell biology. Read the interesting twitter thread from Michelle Facette on why she thinks it is important.

#preprints – why do you preprint, or not? – Check out the thread started by Prachee Avasthi to find out the views from the twitterverse:


If you would like to contribute to our ‘Developing news’ blog, please get in touch at If you are interested in writing preLights, you can find more information here.

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