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Development presents… November videos

Posted by , on 23 November 2021

On Wednesday 10 November, Development hosted three talks on stem cells and disease models.

Below you’ll find each of the talks, plus a Q&A chaired by Development Editor James Wells. The next #DevPres webinar will be a zebrafish special to celebrate the 25th anniversary of our Zebrafish Issue. It will be held on 8 December 2021 at 15:00 GMT, chaired by Alex Schier – subscribe to our mailing list for updates.

Dhruv Raina (formerly Max Planck Institute for Molecular Physiology, now Mosa Meat)
‘Cell-cell communication through FGF4 generates and maintains robust proportions of differentiated cell types in embryonic stem cells’

The work Dhruv presented was published in Development

Szilvia Galgoczi (Rockefeller University)
‘Huntingtin CAG expansion impairs germ layer patterning in synthetic human 2D gastruloids through polarity defects’

The research that Szilvia presented was published in Development

Marco Trizzino (Thomas Jefferson University)
‘Inability to switch from ARID1A-BAF to ARID1B-BAF impairs exit from pluripotency and commitment towards neural crest differentiation in ARID1B-related neurodevelopmental disorders’

The research presented by Marco was published in Nature Communications

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