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(Developmental) Biology around the internet- June 2014

Posted by , on 17 June 2014

Here is June’s round-up of some of the interesting content that we spotted around the internet:


News & Research:

– Fly developmental geneticist Walter Gehring sadly passed away this month. His influential research career included the discovery of the homeobox genes.

– This last month saw new updates in the STAP case controversy- Haruko Obokata agreed to retract both papers, while a committee investigating the case has made recommendations that could potentially lead to the closing down of the RIKEN Centre for Developmental Biology.

– Jordan passed a law to control research and therapy using human stem cells derived from embryos, the first such legislation in the region. In Nature, Elena Cattaneo and Gilberto Corbellini wrote about their fight against pseudoscience in stem cell treatments in Italy.

– Mosaic, published by the Wellcome Trust, published a great piece this month about ageing and development.

– EMBO reports published a nice article on how genome engineering is helping research on quirky organisms.

– And Nature Publishing Group released an online special collection on reprogramming.


Weird & Wonderful:

– Model organisms at the MPI-CBG in Dresden are not just used for research but also to predict footbal scores- here are the scientific oracles for this World Cup! [in German] And if you are following the World Cup, here is how football compares with a PhD by PHD comics.

– The danish toy maker LEGO has released a ‘Women in science’ collection.

– and would you like a bit more DNA with that coffee? Fabulous barista art:


Beautiful & Interesting images:

– Selfies might be the new cool, but have you heard of Cell-fies?

– We spotted a collection of academic propaganda posters.

– Some geeky humour- ‘Hey ligase, what have you been up to?’

– And if you ever wondered, here is the difference between a virus and a retrovirus:  

Videos worth watching:

– And the Weigel lab (Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology in Tübingen, Germany) continues the tradition of science-themed parodies of popular songs by releasing their ‘Weigel style’ video as part of their take over of the eLife twitter account:



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