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(Developmental) Biology around the internet- May 2014

Posted by , on 19 May 2014

Here is May’s round-up of some of the interesting content that we spotted around the internet:


News & Research:

– This month was a sad one for science, as two renowned  scientists passed away: Robin Holliday and developmental biologist Julian Lewis.

– The Royal Society announced their new fellows list, including several developmental biologists: Cliff Tabin, Liam Dolan, Mandy Fisher and Martin Johnson. EMBO’s list of new members also included developmental biologists.

– Recent papers in Science and Nature Medicine examined the rejuvenation effect that blood from young mice has on old mice

Nature reviewed the book Embryos under the microscope‘, an overview of the history and science of embryology by J.Maienschein

– The Wellcome Trust announced that in 2016 the first volunteers will receive blood cultured from stem cells.

– And do you like science and beer? The Pint of Science festival is kicking off this week (19th-21st of May) in several countries around the world. If you are attending and would like to write about it for the Node, get in touch!


Weird & Wonderful:

– Buzzfeed collated some fantastic science tattoos.

– Check out this segmentation cake to honour David Ish-Horowicz

– And on the topic of cakes, how about an evolutionary tree of cakes and biscuits?


Beautiful & Interesting images:

– As the weather warms up, time for strawberry mitosis.

– And this comic reveals what the audience is really thinking when you give a talk:  

Videos worth watching:

Enrico Coen talks about about his book ‘Cells to Civilizations’.

– Undergraduate students at a science communication course created this short video that uses the cartoon Pokemon to explain concepts of evolution.

– Here is an excellent video introducing DNA and the genome to a lay audience.

– And finally the MPI-CBG Institute in Dresden made their own video to the sound of the song ‘Happy’ (spot the dancing directors!):



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