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Development’s Pathway to Independence programme

Posted by , on 21 December 2022

At Development, we know that going on the job market and then setting up a lab is a real crunch time in an academic’s career, and not everyone receives the support they need to manage this transition. As a not-for-profit journal whose aim is to support the research community, we therefore wanted to do something to support individuals through this period. With this aim in mind, we’re excited to launch a new scheme – our Pathway to Independence (PI) programme. This competitive programme will select a small number of researchers (‘PI fellows’) planning to apply for Principal Investigator positions in the coming year, and will provide support, mentorship and networking opportunities.

So if you are a postdoc working in the developmental biology or stem cell field and starting to look for your first independent position, we’d encourage you to apply to this programme. You can find out more information in this Editorial, and also on this webpage. And while we will only be able to select a handful of individuals to become PI fellows, we are also thinking about ways we can support the wider cohort of applicants – we’re hoping to host one or two workshops, and will also give at least some applicants the opportunity to showcase their work through our ‘Development presents…’ webinar series.

This is a pilot scheme, and we’ll be refining the programme with our first cohort of PI fellows. We’re also keen to hear feedback from the wider community, so if you have any thoughts on these plans, do feel free to get in touch.

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