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4 thoughts on “Showing distributions”

  1. Nice post ! One thing to keep in mind I think is to avoid over-interpretation of the raw data. When you say “that zebras show a curious clustering” it shows more a weakness of raw points to me because our brain tends to seek for patterns of all kinds even when they don’t have any statistical relevance/significance.

  2. Hi Nicolas, yes, you are absolutely right and my sentence was a little bit tongue-in-cheek. There probably should be an article about how much our brain is forcing us to believe patterns exist – and how this can lead to mis- interpretation of data!

  3. Oh yes, someone send them to me too, maybe you? They are density + data + boxplot, right? What do you think – I only really read the density there and see that it is supported by the data, but the data points are to me just decoration.

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