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eBSDB/GenSoc 2020 plans

Posted by , on 14 March 2020


UPDATE 16 MARCH events timetable added below

Following the cancellation of BSDB/GenSoc2020, the meeting organisers have been seeking ways to maintain some elements of the meeting through online interactions. We do not plan to run a full virtual meeting, but we do plan to experiment with ways to recreate some of the useful and fun parts of the meeting online.

The activities will run from Monday 16 – Wednesday 18 March.


Check back for updates

Timings are for UK time (GMT)


12 -2pm          Poster session

3pm               Waddington Medal Winner annoucement

6pm                Tickle Medal Winner announcement


11am              Virtual Careers Session run by @BSDBgradstudent

12 -2pm         Poster session

3pm                Beddington Medal winner announcement

6pm                Conference party! Kitchen-dancing to the Spotify playlist at the end of this post

PLUS…Posters, talks, interviews, competitions and more will be linked to from @the_Node and can also be found using #BSDBGenSoc2020 throughout the e-meeting.

Here are the various various ways you can get involved:


The best way to get involved is via Twitter, where you can follow the hashtag #BSDBGenSoc2020. The BSDB medal winners will also be announced on Twitter, and you will have a chance to interact with speakers and poster presenters. If you don’t have a Twitter account why not consider getting one?


Upload your talks/posters

If you’re disappointed about not being able to share your work in Warwick, why not share it online? This is a great opportunity, particularly for students and postdocs, to promote their work despite the cancellation of the meeting.

  • Upload the talk slides/posters you were scheduled to give to figshare.
  • Use #BSDBGenSoc2020 as a keyword so others can find it easily, and don’t forget to include contact details so interested parties can get in touch.
  • Once you’ve uploaded your files, email the figshare link to, and we’ll collate the documents into a Node post and help promote them on Twitter. The first 20 people to tell us about their uploads will get some goodies from The Company of Biologists!


Virtual talks

Speakers – in addition to thinking about sharing your slides, you could consider:

  • A Tweetorial – a thread covering the talk, including some choice images/slides, visual abstracts or GIFs. See this great recent example from Jesse Venvliet
  • Recording your talk on Powerpoint (see how to) or using a webcam or camera. If you do this, send us the file or a link and we will help promote it


Interviews and workshops

We hope to be posting interviews with medal winners and other speakers and there will be the chance to take part in our Careers workshop online…stay tuned for more



We strongly encourage everyone to send comments and questions to presenters of online posters and talks, whether publicly (e.g. through Twitter) or privately (by email to the presenter). This will help recapture the spirit of the BSDB meeting and give valuable feedback, especially to early career researchers.


Image competition

Tweet your favourite image from a talk or poster that you would have presented at #eBSDBGenSoc2020. The image caption should be contained within a single tweet along with the hashtag #eBSDBimages. Deadline noon 18 March!


Devbio on the dancefloor

Tweet your favorite song with #electroBSDB and we will add it to the eBSDB party playlist (or you should be able to add it directly yourself if you have a Premium account). Which track do you look forward to DJ Phil playing each year? Any guilty pleasures?





The BSDB and GenSoc are hugely grateful to the editors at Development and The Node for initiating these plans, providing expertise and infrastructure, and for their generous offer to put in the considerable amount of work to make this happen. Yet another reason to support your community journal!



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