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European Drosophila Society Launch

Posted by , on 18 May 2021

Dear European Drosophilists,

This post is to let you know about an initiative to form a European Drosophila Society (EDS), which aims to represent our research community, support common initiatives and infrastructure, as well as oversee the organisation of the biennial European Drosophila Research Conference. We have set up a web site ( where you can register as an EDS member (free!). You can also follow us on Twitter @Fly_EDS. You will find information about Drosophila community news and job postings, as well as the EDRC conferences.

The EDS will be overseen by the European Drosophila Board (EDB), which will reflect the geographic and thematic diversity of our community. To get the EDS under way, we have formed an initial EDB, and plan to hold elections in 2023 to renew EDB membership. Our aim is to be inclusive: we wish to represent and support the whole breadth of European Drosophila research, as well as establish strong ties with other invertebrate/vertebrate/model organism research communities. The EDS exists to promote your research and can only work with your support, therefore we urge to join the EDS by visiting the web site and signing up. You can also contact board members to propose initiatives or offer help to our working groups.

All registered members of the community can post news, events and jobs on the web site, as well as search for Drosophila researchers based on expertise or research interests using our search engine. Group leaders can add their lab to the interactive map of European Drosophila labs. We welcome suggestions of other services we could offer to the Drosophila community.

Sincerely yours,

The European Drosophila Board
Michael Boutros, Nick Brown, Virginie Courtier, Eileen Furlong, Alex Gould, Ilona Grunwald Kadow, Gabor Juhasz, Estee Kurant, Bruno Lemaitre, Marco Milan, Lisa Meadows, Ruth Palmer, Frank Schnorrer, Nic Tapon, Luis Teixeira

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