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Funded places for early-career researchers at a Company of Biologists Workshop in July

Posted by , on 7 February 2019

This summer, the Company of Biologists, the not-for-profit publisher of Development, is running a Workshop on ‘New frontiers in the brain: unexpected roles of the choroid plexus-cerebrospinal fluid system in health and disease‘, organised by Fiona Doetsch and Maria K. Lehtinen. It will cover various bases, many of which intersect with developmental biology:

1. Choroid plexus/CSF signaling niche: development, stem cells and plasticity
2. Barrier and neuroimmune function
3. Propelling and sensing the CSF: ependyma and cilia
4. Novel signaling sources: extra-axial CSF, Interstitial fluid, meninges
5. Choroid plexus/CSF and disease

The Company of Biologists Workshops provide leading experts and early career scientists from a diverse range of scientific backgrounds with a stimulating environment for the cross-fertilisation of interdisciplinary ideas. The programmes are carefully developed and are intended to champion the novel techniques and innovations that will underpin important scientific advances.

There are currently multiple funded spaces for early-career researchers to attend this exciting event (deadline = 15 March). To find out more and apply online please visit



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