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Genetics Unzipped podcast – 006 – Big Fat Failure

Posted by , on 23 February 2019

In this episode we’re looking at the genetics of failure – why we fail to lose weight thanks to our genes, and why ignoring genetic information and DNA diversity leads to billions of dollars being wasted on drugs that don’t work.

Cambridge University neuroscientist Giles Yeo talks about his new book, Gene Eating: The science of obesity and the truth about diets, explaining why weight loss is just physics, but the process of losing, gaining or maintaining weight is all about our biology.

Woman with tape measure and salad
Can you blame your genes if you can’t fit into your jeans?

Then we report back from the recent Festival of Genomics in London, UK, speaking with biomedical industry expert Paul-Peter Tak, Cecilia Lindskog from the Human Protein Atlas project, and Paul Matthews from Global Gene Corp, to find out why precision and personalised healthcare will only work if it’s based on the right information

Full transcript, credits and show notes here. 

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