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iBioMagazine – Breakthroughs in Genetics

Posted by , on 18 April 2011

iBioMagazine is a quarterly web magazine featuring videos by some top scientists in the life sciences. The videos are aimed at students, and cover scientific topics as well as information about careers or science in society.

The latest issues has as theme “Breakthroughs in Genetics”, and the accompanying videos are all quite interesting:

* Mario Capecchi – The Birth of Gene Targetting

* H. Robert Horvitz – Discovering Programmed Cell Death

* Eric Wieschaus – Finding Genes That Control Development

All iBioMagazine talks are also available on YouTube. Eric Wieschaus’ talk is embedded below:

The iBioMagazine talks make for great introductions to scientific topics, but for more in depth videos, check out their sister site iBioSeminars, where you can watch entire lectures online, for example these talks about developmental biology and evolution.

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