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the Node image competition

Posted by , on 3 February 2011

[updated 24/2] – New deadline: March 15

To celebrate the successful first half year of the Node, we’re running a competition.

A Node
Latin, Nodus – a knot
In general – a point of intersection
In developmental biology – an embryonic tissue that
patterns a developing embryo

All you have to do is send us an image (it can be, for example, a photo, drawing or microscopic image) related to:
(a) developmental biology; and
(b) some sort of intersection.
Make sure to include a brief description of the image, and only send in your own work.

Think about it carefully, and think out of the box.

Here are a few ideas to get you started….
Two developmental biologists in a knot (well – it’s an intersection of sorts…)
The intersection of two points in development
The intersection of ideas of developmental significance

Email your image to before February 28 March 15 (new deadline!), noon GMT

In March, we will post the top 3 images on the Node, and then everyone will be able to vote for their favourite. Don’t worry if you want to stay anonymous – we don’t have to put your name up on display – just the picture that you send us!

The winner will get to commission their own TipArt work, worth $50 (US dollars), to prominently display in their lab or at home. TipArt is a website celebrating creativity at the lab bench with artwork made of pipette tips.

Terms and Conditions are available here
Competition Rules are available here
Closing date is February 28th March 15 2011 (12:00GMT)

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2 thoughts on “the Node image competition”

  1. Good question!
    Since we don’t know what the winning image is going to be, we haven’t made any plans for it other than displaying it on the Node.

    You keep the copyright to everything you submit.

    If we come across any images that we like so much that we’d like to use it from something in particular, we’ll approach that person (winner or not) to ask on a case by case basis, so it’s not inherent to the competition.

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