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Introducing ‘Lab meetings’

Posted by , on 30 March 2023

We are delighted to announce a new series on the Node called ‘Lab meetings’! In these posts, we will be highlighting developmental and stem cell biology labs across the globe. We aim to build up a directory of labs, which will not only showcase the exciting research and researchers in the community, but will also provide a useful resource for anyone looking for their next job. We ask the group leaders about their research and mentoring style, while the group members share what they like about the lab and what they like to do away from work.

Our first ‘Lab meeting’ is with the Rawlins lab, at the Gurdon Institute in Cambridge, which you can read here. You’ll be able to see all our full directory on our ‘Lab meetings‘ page.

Drop us an email if you would like to nominate a lab (including your own), especially if you have (or will soon have) open positions. We look forward to working with you all to build up a useful resource!

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