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Job opportunities at The Company of Biologists

Posted by , on 11 October 2022

You may have seen on twitter that our Senior Editor, Seema Grewal, will shortly be leaving Development (sob, sob) to take up a new role as the Executive Editor of our sister journal, Journal of Cell Science (hurrah!). This means that there’s an opening for a new Reviews Editor on Development, and we’re excited to be recruiting a new colleague to join our team. Full details of the position can be found here, and if you’re potentially interested but want to find out more, you are welcome to get in touch with me for an informal chat. Obviously I’m biased, but this really is a great opportunity to contribute to the journal and hence to the community more broadly.

We also have another job opening at the moment, for a new Community Manager for FocalPlane, our platform for the microscopy community. FocalPlane operates along similar lines to the Node, and the Community Manager has a great opportunity to help shape the future of the site, support the community and build their science communication skills. To find out more, take a look at the full job advert, and again you’re welcome to reach out if you’d like more details.

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