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6 thoughts on “Keep up and blog on – my route to the Node”

    1. Thanks Erin! I’m rather enjoying watching you progress along your writing path as well. Seems you’re on the right track =)

    1. So am I, and we’re going to have lots of these kinds of stories in the coming year. Looking forward to reading some new stories (I obviously already knew my own…)

  1. Really enjoyed reading this Erin, not least because I also started out in a Chemistry lab but ended up somewhere rather different. SciBarCamp sounds like great fun and I can see potential for a public engagement event based on that sort of idea. Thanks for sparking off new thoughts!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Eva! I can really sympathize with your story — I’m planning to get my PhD at the end of the year, and then hope to do science writing/editing full-time, but, as you say, I know it’s a hard path to forge. Your story’s really inspirational and gives me hope!

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