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Labs in lockdown

Posted by , on 13 March 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has led to travel restrictions, conference cancellations and university closures. How do labs function in various states of lockdown? What happens to model organisms and long running experiments? On the personal side, how can we counter the loss of lab camaraderie? And education – how can you run a course from home?

Here, we’ve collated a bunch of Twitter threads that deal with some of these issues, which hopefully will be relevant to many of you. If you have any questions for the community, or plans you would like to share, we’d love to hear from you – just comment below the post, or register here to write your own post.


This thread from Alex Shier’s lab on March 8 described how the lab would be working from now on.


Can we run labs on one person shifts?


The Soragni lab is moving remotely as much as possible


How Stephen Floor’s lab are approaching working from home


Maren Friesen shared her coronovirus lab plans:


Suspending lab access in Harvard:


Giulia Biffi, a PI in Cambridge:


A plea to funding bodies to consider mitigating actions


Lots of ideas in this tweet and replies.


The Yaniv lab is Staying positive



The Gallego lab is using the lockdown as a chance to become better, computationally speaking


48 hours to shut down the Bardelli lab in Italy


And, please don’t do this, PIs!


A thread on zebrafish emergency preparedness



Seems like C. elegans researchers are a little less worried!


To fight social isolation, why not set up a virutal coffee break?


Or a virtual happy hour?


Keep educating: a thread on how to use Zoom to lecture from home


A perspective on online learning from the Open University


Online courses could help fill your days


Cancelled conferences? Why not share your talk and poster online:


Indeed we are planning to help with this for the BSDB Spring meeting, which would have started on Sunday. More info here:

eBSDB/GenSoc 2020 plans


Virtual seminar series – more ideas in the replies


Help for conference organisers from OSF


Please let us know if you find any other useful links.


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