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‘Let your science guide you’ – DanStem podcast with Professor Anne Ferguson-Smith

Posted by , on 28 May 2019

‘Let your science guide you’ – An inspiring interview with Professor Anne Ferguson-Smith, a mammalian developmental geneticist. Professor Ferguson-Smith is the Head of the Department of Genetics at the University of Cambridge and a Fellow of Darwin College, Cambridge.

Professor Ferguson-Smith is an authority on genomic imprinting and the epigenetic control of genome function in health and disease, and is recognised for her work on parental-origin effects and epigenetic mechanisms. Her work has uncovered epigenetically regulated processes in development and over the life course, and identified key in vivo mechanisms involved in the maintenance of epigenetic states. She also explores communication between the environment and the genome with implications for health, disease and inheritance.

The DanStem podcast channel aims at providing a voice to the talented people who are behind the microscopes, the equipment or computers; we encourage them to share their passions, hobbies and unique career paths. In each episode, we will bring forward interesting, insightful and inspiring stories, where our guests share their personal experiences and give career-related advice.

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