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Posted by , on 5 January 2015

Dear Colleagues,

I recently published a popular book presenting the concepts of embryonic development (Life’s Blueprint: The science and art of embryo creation) at Yale University Press. In addition to the text, I tried to convey the concepts of embryonic development by presenting pairs of images, where one portrays a biological example and the other depicts a metaphor from the human world that conveys the paradigm through human interactions. The goal is to make the scientific concepts more accessible to the public through these analogies, to allow the viewers to echo their experiences, and become more active participants. Indeed, when this project was presented to diverse audiences including students, teachers, scientists or laypersons, it proved to be highly effective in engaging the audience.

In order to make the project accessible to scientists, teachers and students, I have launched a web site. All images can be freely downloaded from this site as JPEG or PPT. In addition, sample chapters, and a scientific image glossary that presents the biological background of each image can be downloaded from this site.

Finally, the site contains an Interactive board, where viewers and readers are encouraged to add their comments, and to upload their personal versions of scientific or non-scientific images that depict the concepts of embryonic development.

I encourage you to explore this site and use it.

Benny Shilo



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